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Guest Post with author Loribelle Hunt

It’s All About the Music

And you’re wondering what the heck does that have to do with a writer doing a guest blog, right? See, it’s like this. Shh…My deep, dark secret. I can’t write without music. Just can’t do it. I go so far as to make playlists for books, and it may be odd but it’s comforting to know, lots of other writers do it, too lol.
Sometimes, though, I look back at these playlists and the book, and they make absolutely no sense. My playlist for Kiss of Darkness, for example, was,

Figured You Out
Crazy Bitch
Alcohaulin Ass
I’m Not Jesus
All Summer Long
Bleed It Out
RCV 22:20
Simple Man

Those songs really don’t seem to fit, but it is a pretty fast paced book, and well, Winter is a pretty gung ho woman. When I hear these songs together, I think of her, and writing it, it really felt like her book to me more than Marcus, much as I loved him. ;)
Kiss of Twilight was an entirely different experience, though. (Sorry, I don’t have anything to report on it yet other than it is Dupree’s and Kara’s story.) The playlist for this one was more a mix of them than just one character like Kiss of Darkness, and when I say mix, I really mean it lol!

Gunpowder & Lead
Need You Now
Savin’ Me
Bring Me Down
She’s Country
Smoke A Little Smoke
Dead Or Alive
Coming Undone
Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone

There’s a big difference here in tone and content, but it really seemed to fit the book. Dupree and Kara are very dissimilar so it’s no surprise they gravitate to different music, right? I like to think the music I listened to while I wrote both books compliment them, but I think we all take something different away from a book so maybe I’m imaging things lol!

I always have music on, whether I’m writing or reading, and I’ve begun to associate certain things with certain series. For instance, I just can’t read Christine Feehan anymore unless I’m listening to 3 Doors Down. At the time I discovered her, my husband was deployed and that was a CD I was listening to a lot, and now, they just seem to go hand in hand.

I wonder how many other people do this? Do you listen to music when you read or write or work? Do you associate particular songs or bands with particular authors or books? And wouldn’t it be great if we could buy those author playlists along with the book? I’d love that!
About Loribelle Hunt
Loribelle HuntLoribelle is like the South she calls home. Hot and sultry. Languid and sexy. Magnolias and gardenias scent her silk lined boudoir, and men and children alike bow to her magnificence…
Okay, maybe it isn’t quite that glamorous. She does have two smart and lovely daughters who give her a run for her money and a son that will one day be someone’s model of a romance hero. (She promises.) Her husband is a real life hero, and Loribelle just tries to keep up with the demands of military life. In between, she writes a book or two.
She’s had every job under the sun, but haven’t most writers? That Army military police, bookstore manager, waitress, wedding photographer, website designer experience has to come in useful sometimes. As they say in the South, it all washes out in the end.

You can also find Loribelle at:
Thanks so much for stopping by Loribelle! 
Loribelle has over 20 titles released, make sure to check them out. If you want a little taste of one of her books check out >my review< for Kiss of Darkness, a new favorite!


  1. I actually can't listen to any music while I'm reading. If the TV is on in the background I don't mind but music seems to just filter into my brain and the words of the song overtake the words on the page. The music ends up distracting me to the point where I can't even read a complete sentence. I know, I'm weird, LOL!

    I absolutely LOVED KoD (well, you saw my review!) and I'm so excited for the next book! I can't wait to find out when KoT is coming out because I will certainly be watching that countdown!

  2. I'm the same way Kel. I can't listen to music while reading either because I'll start singing along with songs instead of following the words on the page.
    Which is weird because when I was in school I use to keep the TV on and the radio blaring while doing homework!

    Maybe writing with music would be different, I can see how it would be inspiring. Great playlists my the way Lori! I love all kinds of music and you listed a ton I like. And it's interesting to see Kara & Dupree's different tastes, is that DMX's version of Ain’t No Sunshine?

  3. Great post, I don't see the point reading with music because I just filter almost every thing out. But Writing things seem to flow easier when I write with music on.
    I just finished Passions Recalled and I may need to break my book buying ban to get Renegade Passions because it was so great. Totally going to check out the rest of your books now.

  4. I find music too distracting when I read but I do write with music. Just not all the time. Some books have playlists and some don't. I'm not consistent. LOL

    I always like checking out playlists so thanks for sharing, Loribelle! :)

  5. Kelly and Crystal, that's interesting. Now I wonder if I should stop putting song mention in the books. Every time I see when one I'm reading, I run straight to YouTube lol!

    Kelly, thanks again for that awesome review. I'm hoping I have something to report there soon.

    Crystal it's the Bill Withers version. He won a Grammy for Best R&B song in 1971 for it.

    Nanny, glad you like it! Renegade Passions is the last one in the series and just came out.

    Hey Karen! We should compare playlists some time lol!

  6. My family thinks I'm nuts because I love to read and listed to music. Love your play list and of course all your books :)

  7. I love listening to music while i'm reading, my family thinks nuts.

    Love your play list, only rock and roll for this girl :)

  8. No Loribelle, don't stop adding your playlist! LoL It's always great for us readers to see what inspires an author. So keep on rockin' em' out girl!

  9. II1175, thanks! I love rock myself. I was a bit surprised how much country worked it's way onto the KoT playlist!

    Thanks, Crystal! Music is definitely a big influence on me so I'm glad to see readers like to know about it!


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