Monday, March 21, 2011

Mmm...Monday: March 21st

Happy Monday everyone! 
I apologize for this being a bit late in the day. You know how you always get sick when something important comes up? LoL Well, that's me and my son. We were both sick all through the weekend, though we did still enjoy it to it's fullest, it has all seemed to catch up with me today and I haven't felt like leaving my bed. But then I thought of some delicious man candy and that finally got me motivated! 
Here is model Jon Kortajarena for your viewing pleasure...


And these were I assume ripped out of a mag and scanned in. Though a bit crumpled still oh, so yummy...


New Releasing out tomorrow, 3/22:
Y.A. -

Paranormal Romance -

Romance Fantasy -

Contemp. Romance -

Fantasy -

Horror - 

Quote of the Week:
So I have seen this quote around many times and I thought I'd put it up this week and see if anyone else had thoughts on it. It's kind of weird but I like the first part of it, LoL
"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." 
-Groucho Marx (The Essential Groucho)

Thank you ladies for all the birthday wishes for my daughter and well wishes for our weekend! It was a lot of fun and my daughter really had a blast.
And while I was reading the day before we left my Sony ereader froze up on me again, and though I didn't yell at it this time my hubs went out the next day and bought me a Nook Color! Woohoo! So I'll be laying around in bed with my box of tissues and my Nook cradled to my chest for the rest of the evening, LoL 
I promise to have the Lucky Leprechaun winner posted tomorrow, thank you to everyone who participated in that and welcome to all our new followers! Kick your feet up, get a glass of your favorite wine out, take a leisurely stroll about RBtWBC and I hope that you decide to stick around! I have several reviews for this week and a guest post from author Loribelle Hunt coming up. And don't forget that The Trouble with Spells Blog Tour has started, go >here< to check out the schedule and participate in the Win a Kindle treasure hunt!

In the mean time I hope that everyone had a fabulous Monday and that you enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. LOL I always love your Man Candy Monday posts! Mmmmm YUMMY!

  2. Holy crap that is some hot pics "fan's self" might get stuck in your post for awhile :) is that okay?

  3. Very delicious man!!!

  4. Just saw this, not really sure how I missed it... Anyway, congrats on your new Nook! That was sweet of hubby! <3 Feel better!


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