Monday, September 27, 2010

Where did the time go and some sad news...

So I think I was shoved into some kind of time vortex when I wasn't paying attention because I'm missing a week. No idea where it went, I just woke up this morning and *poof* it was gone. I could of used that week too darn it. 

Jennifer Rardin
Last Monday I saw some very sad news. A fantastic author, Jennifer Rardin, passed away unexpectedly. My condolences to her family and friends. She had a wonderful sense of human that showed in her Jaz Parks series. She cracked me up in all her interviews, comments and FB posts. Here is her last post on FB from Fri., Sept. 17th. 

Jennifer Rardin can't eat Jell-O without sluicing it between my teeth like it's mouthwash. Which makes me think Jell-O should go into the breath freshening biz. What a way to make your morning routine more entertaining!

I never had the opportunity to meet her but from everything I've heard & read about her and from her posts she was a very warm, friendly, supportive, caring and funny person who loved her family deeply. And she will be missed greatly by all. Her next book (the 7th in the Jaz Parks series) will be coming out November 8th and the final book in her series (which was completed before her passing) will be out June 2011. In memory of her I'd like to ask everyone who hasn't read her books to go out and pick one up and those of you who have, to re-read them. She will always live on through her characters and I thank her for her wonderful work. 

I will post the Beefcake Monday posting tomorrow as I don't think it'd be appropriate to include in this post. 

Less then two weeks until our next book club meeting. I haven't even purchased Book of Shadows yet but still have plenty of time. THANKFULLY Sony sent me a new ereader last week. *inserthappydancehere*

Off to make up a weeks worth of stuff...

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