Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Total Randomness

So I went out back a bit ago to let the dog out and did I feel a slight cool breeze? That would be awesome, last night was prefect. If I wasn't so lazy I would of gone out and roller bladed around the neighborhood.
I love this time of year. It cools off just enough where you don't start sweating the second you walk out your door but it is still warm enough you can go to the pool. School started so I get to enjoy an hour or so of 'Mommy Time' on days the Bug decides to take a nap. And THE BEST holidays are coming up, Halloween and Christmas. I was trying to talk the hubby into decorating for Halloween early and finally got him to agree on doing it next weekend. I walked into Michaels the other day and they already have the cinnamon scent circulating. Waiting to spot the cinnamon brooms at Publix so I can get my house smelling all yummy.
Plus, a ton of great books are coming out in the months to come. My book list is outrageous! I just read finished Shiloh Walker's two Veil books, Through the Veil and Veil of Shadows, and those were fab. I can't wait for her third one to come out, I'm hoping it has Elina's and Morne's story. Going to start on Lisa Mantchev's Theatre Illuminata series now.

And I am feeling very crafty and productive today. I cleaned out a portion of my closet so you can actually walk in it, listed some old Gymbo and Oilily clothes on eBay, AND I put some embellishments on the Diva's costume so it's not so store bought, yuck. So maybe now she won't keep changing her mind about it AFTER me paying the $50 for the dang thing. Which she started the second we walked out into the parking lot from the Disney Marketplace. "Mommy can I take this off? Mommy, it itches. Mommy, can't you just make me a peacock costume?" Lucky she's so darn cute.
Speaking of the Diva, when we were at the pool one evening she started talking about her boyfriend at school. Yes, I said boyfriend. She acquired said boyfriend on her third day of kindergarten. Go ahead and gasp then cry, I know I did. But back to the boyfriend. He is smart, not mean, funny and when we asked why she likes him we get the answer of "He looks good." Yep, she's mine alright. LoL

Saturday I watched my step-mom jump out of a plane for her 50th birthday. Now at first I was like, you're going to jump out of a plane on 9-11 ARE YOU CRAZY? But once we got there it was pretty cool and after she sky dived it looked like a total high. I would totally do it if I had the balls. But since having kids I have the balls of a gold fish so you won't see me doing that. Especially since they don't let you drink alcohol before hand. I would need me a couple shots of tequila and a good push to do that now. But this place was like something you see in a horror moving and reminded me a bit of HotShot from the Sookie books/True Blood. It's called Sky Dive City and it's by Zephryhills. It's really it's own little city. It consists of a couple buildings where they store the equipments and offices, a gift shop, bathrooms, hanger, viewing area, landing area and runway, then a bunch of trailers and a few tents. These people must just live to sky dive. One guy they said had over 50,000 jumps, can you imagine?
Also, Sunday, we got a new kitten. He is so cute, tiny, black with long hair, 6 toes, huge paws and little gray fuzz on the back of his ears. Too bad he hisses at you whenever you get in a 10 foot radius of him. He was a wild kitty that was trapped along with his mother and siblings so he needs some socializing. Which would be okay, if I could get him out from behind the dryer to try to socialize him. I have accomplished that only twice this far. Once you have him he'll lay on you and let you pet him, even the kids, but if you let him go he is gone hiding again and back to hissing. No biting or clawing though which is an extremely good thing. Oh, and he uses the kitty litter so score there! Unfortunetly the dog eats all the kitty litter which if you try to think of the pro's on that issue then that equals no scoop duty for me but the cons are the dog has really bad breath, the Bug likes to share his food with said dog, the kitten has no kitty litter so finds other places to do his business and lastly, that is just plain gross. SO moving on from the gross factor we came up with the name Bones. I was trying to think of something dark since he's black and Halloween is coming up but we couldn't agree on anything. So I just randomly, or so it seemed to the hubby, picked out Bones and what do you know? He loved it and so did the kiddo's. Unbeknown to him this is a fave character from a fave book series, which if you know me at all you know this is Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Series. I think it will fit kitty perfectly.

So there's your total randomness! Have a wonderful Hump Day everyone. And I'll close with a great quote;

I've traveled the world twice over,

Met the famous; saints and sinners,

Poets and artists, kings and queens,

Old stars and hopeful beginners,

I've been where no-one's been before,

Learned secrets from writers and cooks

All with one library ticket

To the wonderful world of books.

~ Anonymous ~

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