Friday, September 17, 2010

His Darkest Embrace by Juliana Stone *OCTOBER 26 PEOPLE, MARK YOUR CALENDERS!*

His Darkest Embrace by Juliana Stone

You will not want to miss this next novel in rock star Juliana Stone's Jaguar Warriors series! 

A solitary hunter with no regard for the human world, Jagger Castille is a shifter living on the edge. It will take the woman who calls him enemy to give him a reason to live.

Jagger is a creature of the night—Skye Knightly soars in the sun. Natural adversaries, they have been joined by destiny in a mission entrusted to Skye’s family centuries ago: Nothing less than the salvation of the Earth.
Wounded and bitter, Jagger sought escape in the solitude of the jungle, driven by a need to disappear forever… until a mysterious shifter who calls to his soul and feeds a yearning long forgotten, pulls him from his dark path. A courageous warrior, Skye’s passion is equal to Jagger’s own—but can she trust a man on the edge? A man whose secrets are as devastating as her own?
Each is the other’s sole hope for survival. But a dark and twisted truth is leading them toward the ultimate sacrifice for a love they may never live to claim.

I actually was incredibly fantastically fabulously lucky to have won a Digital ARC of this novel from Ms. Stone and finished it today. Let me just say, WOW! I thought His Darkest Hunger was amazing! (You can find my thoughts on that here) My ereader died a few weeks ago so I sat at my desk reading this on the computer all night and day because I could. not. stop! If you have not read Stone's first novel in the Jaguar Warriors series drop what you're doing now and GO GET IT. Then, prepare yourself for more yummy jaguar deliciousness coming your way October 26th. You say, "But Crystal, that's over a month away!" Well I say, The wait is sooooo.......  worth it! I'm now itching for the third novel His Darkest Salvation to come out in July. And am seriously considering renaming my new black kitty, Bones, Jagger now!

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  1. Juliana Stone is giving away a Digital ARC of His Darkest Embrace to two lucky commenter's at her blog, contest ends today though. Visit her blog at


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