Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Review: His Darkest Hunger by Juliana Stone

A very exciting & smexy tale about jaguar warrior Jaxon Castille and his former lover, Libby Jamieson. WARNING: Contains heartache, treachery &  mystery, steamy mythical creatures and fast paced adventure that will have you wiping your mouth and hungering for more!

I won this book from the fab Supernatural Underground and loved it! It drew me in right away and I couldn't put it down.

After searching for his former lover for three years Jaxon, a jaguar shifter,  finally catches up with Libby, a human that use to be a team member. (The hero wanting deadly revenge on the heroine, how’s that for an opening heh?) He has the perfect shot to take her out but he decides to see her face-to-face before completing his revenge and killing her. But instead of the cold betrayer he was expecting he finds the broken shell of the women who was responsible for the death of his cousin. Libby remembers nothings, not even the dark & sexy Jaxon. But while Jaxon is contemplating what to do next an unknown sniper takes aim at him. 

Jaxon and Libby, with the help of their former team members, must figure out who is gunning for them while trying to recover her memories and find out the truth of what happened on that dark day three years ago. During this adventure Jaxon has to fight with his feelings of love and hate. He is disgusted with himself that he can still lust after the treacherous Libby and Libby is confused by his hot & cold emotions but is equally drawn to him. 

Finally Libby recovers her memories and her kick-ass attitude along the way and emotionally, the tables are dramatically turned. Can Jaxon cope with his past beliefs, can Libby forgive, and will she be able to find the one thing that is more important then anything else? 

A great debut for Juliana Stone's Jaguar Warriors series, her characters will grab at you from the pages. Fantastic plot without an overabundance of world building, you learn just as much as you need to as the story moves along. 
A very enjoyable paranormal romance to say the least. I am looking forward to Stone's second book in this series, His Darkest Embrace coming out this October. But I really can't wait for Declan's book, oh why must it be the fourth book Ms. Stone? That's so long to wait! 

Rating: 4.5 Wine Glasses!

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