Thursday, September 16, 2010

Afterlife - The Resurrection Chronicles by Merrie Destefano

Sept. 28th release date
Destefano's debut is a darkly wonderful novel, fast paced and compelling, chuck full of suspense & mystery, murder & deceit, with the ever present struggle of good vs evil, and just a dash of romance. 

The story takes place in New Orleans in a type of futuristic world, totally different from our own and makes you appreciate the fact that your world is not like this. At least for me it did. It's done in several different character POV's, including a dog. Yes, I said dog, but Omega is no ordinary dog as you will soon find out. In this future you have the choice of being a 'stringer' and 'jumping' to different lives, as in resurrection, by being downloaded into a clone, but you only have nine chances. Or being a "one-timer" and forgoing the resurrection option and moving on to heaven or hell, if that is your belief. Of course there are pro's and con's to every choice...But what happens when your on your ninth life? Well the 'nine-timers' don't want that to be the end and are fighting back. Chaz, who is in the family business at Fresh Start, is a 'baby-sitter' for 'newbies' and the lovely Angelique is his charge. Except she seems to have a lot of secrets from her past lives. Can she help with the 'nine-timer' problem? Or is she a part of it? 

Afterlife is imaginative & creative with some definite new ideas for a novel; compelling characters, great plot and awesome world building.  
But I had a bit of a time following the story at the start; following some of the terms used though the author starts to explain things around chapter eight. And I wasn't able to get into the main characters as much as I like but it was still a good read, had an original plot and the story wrapped up very nicely at the end. 

A good read

Gettin' Flirty

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