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🍷🍷🍷🍷.5 #Review of Bishop's Knight by Katie Reus

44003994Title: Bishop’s Knight
Series: Endgame Trilogy 1
Author: Katie Reus
Format: Kindle Edition, 251 pages
Published: July 9th 2019 by KR Press, LLC
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4 ½ out of 5 Wine Glasses

The Bishop siblings' family is on the verge of collapse as all three find themselves embroiled in danger. Family bonds may keep them alive...but only love can give them something to live for. Read BISHOP'S KNIGHT, the first novel in this ALL NEW heart-pounding Endgame trilogy!

She needs his protection...

Thanks to years of government training, Evie Bishop knows how to get into places she doesn't belong—and she's very good at it. But years of doing black ops work burned her out so she returns home—to unexpected chaos. One of her brothers is in a coma and the other is in hiding, wanted for murder. Then a fellow operative from her past shows up shot and bleeding with news that an assassin is gunning for everyone involved with a past op. She's forced to turn to the one man she knows she can trust—the man whose heart she broke.

But it will come with a price...

When Dylan Blackwood proposed a year ago, Evie turned him down flat and walked out of his life. He's stunned when he finds her on his doorstep covered in someone else's blood, needing his help. He always knew there was more to her than met the eye—that Evie was never simply the pampered society princess she wanted people to believe she was. But he never expected this. If she needs help, he'll give it. Even if he can't forget her betrayal. Even if he isn't sure he can trust her. But his protection will come with a price—her heart. Before they can have a chance at a future, they'll have to work together to take down a faceless enemy who has Evie firmly in his crosshairs.

Linda's Thoughts:
She had no future with Dylan Blackwood. He was a former lover, a former asset, former… everything.

Katie Reus kicks off her Endgame Trilogy with a torrent of steam in Bishop’s Knight. The series will feature the stories of three siblings in the Bishop family. This installment shines the spotlight on Evie Bishop, a former CIA operative, and Dylan Blackwood, the man she walked away from a year ago when he proposed. The story is told from their dual perspectives.

Evie has left the CIA to return home for some much-needed R&R. Instead, she finds her oldest brother, Evan, in the hospital after his office was bombed and her middle brother in hiding after being accused of the murder of one of his DEA partners. As if that’s not enough, Evie and a former CIA co-worker find themselves squarely in the crosshairs of an unknown assailant.

Evie desperately needs a safe base from which she can hunker down for a bit and track down the shooter. Not knowing who she can trust or where to turn, she seeks refuge on Dylan’s doorstep – the man she loved and walked away from without an explanation when he got down on his knee to her. Sadly, she fears that once she comes clean with Dylan, he will be the one to walk away from her.

Dylan is a former military man who has found success as a real estate mogul. Dylan never expected to see Evie again after she broke his heart. He could have turned her away when she appeared on his doorstep, but he offered her his protection because that’s the kind of man Dylan is. In addition to being supportive and capable, he also sports some awesome abs. Surprisingly, he trusts Evie to run her own show even after she broke his heart.

Evie is a skilled and intelligent kick butt heroine who has prioritized serving her country. Dylan and Evie are terrific together and Katie pulls off the seemingly impossible job of re-uniting the duo.

Supporting characters include Samara who is Evie’s friend and ex-CIA-colleague.  Samara and Evie team up when they are being targeted by the same marksman. Samara makes it plain that she’s not to be crossed either! Fans of Katie’s Red Stone Security series will be happy to see some of the familiar gang make appearances too.

Following please find a few of my favorite lines from Bishop’s Knight:

She didn’t deserve him. Even if she desperately wanted him.
All she could think about was kissing him, tasting him, maybe forgetting the insanity of her life right now.
He crossed the distance between them, fighting the urge to touch her, to cup her face, to take her onto the mat right here. To kiss her senseless.

You can expect sexy times, multiple twists and turns and plenty of thrills to keep you on the edge of your seat in Bishop’s Knight. This particular story kept me guessing at the villain until the big reveal. Katie is one of my favorite authors because she never fails to deliver a riveting read and she hits another home run with this tale! You positively won’t want to put this book down once you’ve started it. If you are craving am exciting and hot second-chance-at-love contemporary romance with a heap of action and heart-stopping suspense, you can’t go wrong with Bishop’s Knight!

Now, I can’t wait for Bishop’s Queen starring Evan Bishop and fiancΓ©e Isla. The intriguing setup for their story is in this first installment. Bishop’s Queen just released this month and it’s already on my reader!

Suggested Reading Order: 
Bishop's Knight, #1 – Evie Bishop’s story
Bishop's Queen, #2 – Evan Bishop’s story
Bishop's Endgame, #3 – Ellis Bishop’s story coming Feb 2020!

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