Monday, October 29, 2018

#Interview with Carly Bloom of Big Bad Cowboy

Lexi: Today we have some pink moscato to sip on while we get to hear about a new cowboy series with a fairy tale twist. Welcome to the blog, Carly Bloom!

Thank you! And I am all in for the Moscato.

Lexi: Cowboys and fairy tales, what a combination! Who doesn’t love the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad Cowboy. What inspired you to write Big Bad Cowboy?

I wanted to play with a You’ve Got Mail theme in a small-town setting. It was challenging to come up with a way for my couple to grow in two relationships with two different sets of character arcs (and two different tropes!) simultaneously. I decided to have them meet at a Halloween party (I bet you can guess their costumes).

As Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, instant sexual attraction leads to a steamy anonymous texting relationship. However, as Maggie and Travis, they’re in direct competition in the business arena, and it’s a slow, simmering journey that takes them from enemies to lovers.

Lexi: Travis Blake sounds like a wonderful hero. Outward appearances say a lot, but it’s what’s inside that makes the difference. What one word would Maggie have used to describe Travis the first time she sees him? 

The first time Maggie sees Travis, he has fangs and is wearing a wolf mask, so his outward appearance is hard to get past! However, even when dressed as the Big Bad Wolf (and acting very uncharacteristically alpha), Maggie senses an earnestness and vulnerability about Travis. Even on that first night, she would probably describe him as sweet. And then she’d roll her eyes because, “sweet” is really not a very Maggie-ish word.

Lexi: It’s hard to resist a man in glasses. That’s right readers, this cowboy wears glasses! All the better for him to see Maggie. What one word would Travis have used to describe Maggie the first time he saw her?

Ha! The first time Maggie sees Travis in glasses he tells her, “My contacts were bothering me.” I highlighted it and told my editor SEXIEST LINE IN THE BOOK. I’m not sure she agreed.

But Travis isn’t wearing glasses the first time he sees Maggie. And she’s not wearing her typical landscaping garb (khaki pants and a yellow Petal Pushers polo). She’s dressed as a very sexy Little Red Riding Hood. And although a party immediately sets up shop in Travis’s pants, his life is in a state of total upheaval. He’s recently become the guardian of a five-year-old child, he’s trying to sell a dilapidated ranch… He doesn’t want to get involved with a woman, not even casually. So, I’d say the first time Travis sees Maggie aka Little Red Riding Hood, the word that comes to mind is “trouble.” Sorry, let’s make that Trouble (with a capital T).

Lexi: This is so much fun and Big Bad Cowboy sounds like a very entertaining read! Congrats on the release, Carly! Cheers to the beginning of a great series!

Thank you! I hope it’s as fun to read as it is to write!

40205749Big Bad Cowboy
(Once Upon a Time in Texas #1)
by Carly Bloom
Kindle Edition, 1st edition, 384 pages
Published October 30th 2018 by Forever
In the New York Times tradition of Lori Wilde and Carolyn Brown comes the first book in a new western romance series from Forever debut author Carly Bloom about a no-strings cowboy fling with a fairy tale twist.

Who's afraid of the big, bad cowboy?

After one too many heartbreaks, Travis Blake hung up his cowboy hat and put Big Verde, Texas, behind him. But when he gets the call that his young nephew needs him, he knows he has to return home. His plan is to sell the family ranch and hightail it back to Austin, but there's a small problem: the one person who stands in his way is the one person he can't resist.

Maggie is pretty sure she hates Travis Blake. He's irritating, he's destroying her business, and . . . and he's just so frickin' attractive. But when they're forced to work together, Maggie discovers that the Most Annoying Man in the World is more than he seems. He's sweet with his nephew, he helps out in the community, and he makes her heart flutter. Maggie doesn't want to risk everything on a man who wants to leave, but what if she can convince this wayward cowboy to stay?

About the Author:
Carly Bloom
Carly Bloom began her writing career as a family humor columnist and blogger, a pursuit she abandoned when her children grew old enough to literally die from embarrassment. To save their delicate lives, Carly turned to penning steamy, contemporary romance. The kind with bare chests on the covers.
Carly and her husband raise their mortified brood of offspring on a cattle ranch in South Texas. Also? Carly is a vegan. The cows love her.


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