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Vampires for Valentines #Giveaway #Hop

Vampires for Valentine's Giveaway Hop
The Vampires for Valentine's Giveaway Hop is run by paranormal romance authors Felicity Heaton, Caris Roane and H. D. Thomson! This hop celebrates the fanged heroes and heroines, the alluring creatures of the night, yes, those vampires we all love so much. All of the giveaways in this hop have a vampire theme to them, so we are truly celebrating vampires for Valentine’s Day!

Welcome! I'm so happy to be part of this hop. I mean, who doesn't love a good pair of fangs? ; ) Today I have two giveaways to offer followers. One for the US and one for our International readers. Check out these sexy vampires that I have read and loved below as well as some sexy snippets to go along with them! These books are sure to heat you up for Valentine's Day!

Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #4)
Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood #4)
by J.R. Ward
In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other - six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Now, an ally of the Black Dagger Brotherhood will face the challenge of his life and the evil of the ages.

Butch O'Neal is a fighter by nature. A hard-living ex-homicide cop, he's the only human ever to be allowed in the inner circle of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. And he wants to go even deeper into the vampire world-to engage in the turf war with the lessers. His heart belongs to a female vampire, Marissa, an aristocratic beauty who's way out of his league. And if he can't have her, then at least he can fight side by side with the Brothers. 

But fate curses him with the very thing he wants. When Butch sacrifices himself to save a civilian vampire from the slayers, he falls prey to the darkest force in the war. Left for dead, he's found by a miracle, and the Brotherhood calls on Marissa to bring him back, though even her love may not be enough to save him.
sexy snippet from Lover Revealed...

"You will use me."
There was a long silence. Then her scent, that gorgeous clean fragrance, intensified until it flooded the room.
Her body began to shake, her mouth opening.
As her fangs unsheathed, he got an instant erection.
"Oh....yeah," he said in a dark voice. "Take me. I need to feed you."
"No," she moaned. Tears glowing in her cornflower blue eyes. 
She made a move to get up, but he jumped at her, taking her by the shoulders, holding her down on the couch. He moved himself between her legs, bringing their bodies together, getting all up in her. While she trembled against him and pushed at him, he kept her close, nuzzling her, nipping her ear, sucking on her jaw. Before long, she stopped fighting to get away. And started gripping the two halves of his shirt to pull him in tighter. 
"That's right, baby," he growled. "You grab onto me. Let me feel those fangs get into me deep. I want it."

Forever Bound
Forever Bound
by Cynthia Eden 
FOREVER BOUND includes the following four best-selling titles by Cynthia Eden:

Bound By Blood (Bound #1)
by Cynthia Eden
Warning: This novella is a sexy paranormal romance. As such, it contains vampires, werewolves, and demons--oh, my! It also contains hot sex and adult language. You have been warned!
It’s an Immortal War…

Vampires and werewolves have been blood enemies for centuries, but now a new threat is rising...demons are escaping from hell and those demons are intent on wiping out both the vamps and the werewolves.

In order to stop the demons, pureblood vampire princess Morgan LaBeaux agrees to the treaty offered by werewolf alpha Jace Vaughn. She'll mate with him, share her blood with him...and in return, the wolves will aid the vampires in this battle.

But Morgan doesn’t realize just how dangerous the wolves can truly be. Jace has been waiting years to claim her. He’s set a trap for his princess, and now that he has her, Jace doesn’t plan to let her go. He’ll send the demons back to hell, and he’ll keep his vampiress—forever.
sexy snippet from Bound by Blood...

Morgan took him all in and her teeth sank deep into his neck. His blood flowed on her tongue, and his blood was as addictive as his kiss. She drank him in, drank -
Jace growled, and the room spun. No, he spun, pushing her beneath him while never taking that thick cocl from her body. And she didn't take her teeth from his neck. No, no, she wanted more of his blood.
More, Jace. More. 

Giveaway Details:
Fill out the appropriate Rafflecopter below to enter. Open to GFC followers of Reading Between the Wines Book Club. Additional entries available but not required. Giveaway will close at 11:59pm on February 18th. Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!

US-Only Giveaway:
Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward + PNR Swag and a fun custom-made dagger bracelet!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

International Giveaway:
The Forever Bound series by Cynthia Eden -Kindle or Nook version, winner's choice 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I would totally be spending Valentine's Day with Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series!! Thanks for the great hop!

  2. I would like Acheron. What a meal
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. hard to pick one ;) but maybe one of the guys from the AKM or immortal guardian series :)
    gamistress66 (at) aol (dot) com

  4. Acheron or Wraith

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  5. Royce from the H&W Investigations series.

  6. Jean-Claude from Anita Blake Series. He's romantic which is perfect for V-Day, although I'm not much into that day. But he's also hot and rough enough to make it kind of even out. ;)
    Thanks so much
    Sebrina_Cassity at yahoo dot com

  7. Pick any of the sexy vampires and that's who I'd like to be with. Depends on the day and time.


  8. I'm just getting into vampires so this is a great way to find some new vampire books. I have been reading the Sookie Stackhouse series and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and like them very much. My favorite vampire so far is Zsadist and Butch from the BDB so I'd like to spend Valentine's Day with one of them.
    Thanks for the chance to win. <^_^>
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. Tegan from Midnight Breed. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  10. Either Acheron, or one of the BDB Vamps. They are all so delicious.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  11. Mircea from Cassie Palmer series, Rhage from BDB and Bones! Damaris :) dsr002(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. There are three book vampires I would like to spend valentines day with. I no particular order:

    - Nathan from Something Witchy and Something Wicked by AJ Myers.

    - Damon Salvatore - not sure the book title or author, but now famous as a TV show - The Vampire Diaries

    - Eric Northman - not sure the book title or author, but now famous as a TV show - TrueBlood

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I love stories about vampires, look forward to winning and reading your books!

    Theresa Esterline

  13. I would pick Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  14. Great hop!
    I'd spend time with Butch from BDB
    Big hugs!!!

  15. I would spend Valentine's Day with Jeaniene Frost's Vlad.

  16. Any one of your black dagger brotherhood vamps. Love your books, J R Ward! Can't wait to read Lover at Last! :)


  17. jean-claude of the anita blake series. thank you for sharing!


  18. Now this is a Blog Hop I can really sink my teeth into! I LOVE Vampire’s and when you mix them in with Romance Novels the result is intoxicating! Who doesn’t love Vampires! They are usually handsome, sometimes dark and brooding, have sexy names like Sebastian - Damien - Alexander, and they have been alone so long and searching for their Bride, so they can have that one perfect woman to love! Some of my absolute favorite Vampires are :

    Lothaire Daciano from the book Lothaire. Lothaire is sexy, wicked, confidant, and has been waiting for his Bride for Eons.

    Ian MacPhie from the book All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire. Ian is a Highland warrior and a Vampire. Sexy with an accent and a kilt.

    Sebastien Newcombe from the book Phantom Shadows. Bastien is a misunderstood and sexy badass. He just loves to push everyone’s buttons.

    Javier from the book Covet. Javier desires her above all others.

    See what I mean….I LOVE VAMPIRES!


  19. I really liked the guys from Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series - I need to visit with them some more.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  20. Any of the Vamps heroes from Immortals After Dark series, especially Sebastian and Conrad. Ditto for Vamp heroes from Midnight Breed series. Wraith from Demonica Series. And recently Vlad from the Night Prince novels. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Damon Salvatore from TVD.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Edward from Twilight or Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me. Tore923@aol.com

  23. I'd have a difficult time choosing between Mircea or Louis-Cesare from Karen Chance's series.

  24. Ummm…. Valentine's with Vampires. Sounds like the perfect combo to me. Especially if I can get a little Eric Northman (a la Alexander Skarsgard) sprinkled on top!

    Happy V-Day, Player!
    mestith (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. I would love to spend Valentine's Day with Eric Northman from the Southern vampire series!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Ashley A

  26. Jeaniene Frost's Bones would be my Valentine date.

  27. Devereux From Lynda Hilburn's Vampire Psychologist or Bo from Mary Hughes' series.


  28. Jeaniene Frost's Bones :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  29. I think I would pick Wraith from the Demonica series -- half vamp/half demon and all sexy :)

  30. Rhage from BDB...when he was still single :)
    ivegotmail8889 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  31. I think I would like to spend it with Spike - perhaps we could have a few giggles :) This is a great hop with loads of good book fun. Thank you for participating.

  32. I would have spent it with Eric Northman! Thanks!

  33. I would love to spend the day with Stefan Uccello from Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series. I would love to know more him. :)
    Thank you for the great giveaway.

  34. I would love to spend anytime with Wrath from the BDB series.


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