Friday, February 15, 2013

ARC Review: A Shot of Sultry by Macy Beckett - 5 Wine Glasses!

A Shot of Sultry
Sultry Springs #2
by Macy Beckett
Kindle Edition, 320 pages
Expected Publication March 5, 2013 by Sourcebooks
Courtesy of NetGalley

Welcome to Sultry Springs, Texas: where home can be the perfect place for a fresh start.
For West Coast filmmaker Bobbi Gallagher, going back to Sultry Springs is a last resort. But with her career in tatters, a quick trip to her hometown might get her the footage she needs to salvage her reputation. She just can't let anything distract her again. Not even the gorgeous contractor her brother asked to watch over her. As if she can't handle filming a few rowdy Texans.
Golden boy Trey Lewis, with his blond hair and Technicolor-blue eyes, is a leading man if Bobbi ever saw one. He's strong and confident and--much to her delight--usually shirtless. He thinks keeping his best friend's baby sister out of trouble will be easy. But he has no idea of the trouble in store for him...
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Crystal L's Thoughts:

Macy Beckett has quickly become one of my favorite contemporary romance authors. The woman is flat out hilarious! A Shot of Sultry was a fantastic follow up to her debut book, Sultry With A Twist. Bobbi is an extremely amusing heroine who seriously puts her love interest Trey through the ringer. She does this by showing up in Sultry with an agenda of making a ridiculous reality tv show based on your common country boy's love lives, and somehow Trey gets wrangled into participating in it. So while Trey has pretty much had the hots for Bobbi from the moment he lays eyes on her, Bobbi makes him go out on these dates that he doesn't want to go out on.

You also have the back story of Trey's relationship with his parents. It's intriguing and very complimentary to the love story here. Bobbi is a little crazy in my opinion, but I absolutely love it. She's also a woman who flounders with a relationship with her brother, although she desperately needs one with him. There are plenty of engaging facets to the book and everything flows wonderfully together. I loved the first book, but I love this one more. The crazy thing is, I have a sneaking suspicion that the third book in the series, Surrender to Sultry, which is set to come out August 1, 2013, will actually be even better than the first two books and I can't freakin' wait to read it! 5 Wine glass toast and you haven't had the pleasure of reading a Macy Beckett book, then you need to buy one today!

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