Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Collide by Juliana Stone - 4.5 Wine Glasses

The Barker Triplets #2
by Juliana Stone
Kindle Edition, 212 pages
Published by Juliana Stone on January 15, 2013

A second chance never looked so good…
Bobbi-Jo Barker has been in love with the wrong man for years. A man who doesn't fit into the perfect, controlled life she's created.A man who not only broke her heart but nearly destroyed her. So the fact that he's back in town shouldn't matter because he's all wrong for her, or so she thinks...
Shane Gallagher, prodigal son, ex-con, and all around hellion, has returned to the small town of New Waterford to mend fences and get his life back. What he doesn’t count on are the feelings he still has for the one woman who can break him—the one woman who is totally wrong for him. 
And yet, as Bobbi and Shane are thrown together and begin to navigate a life with each other in it, neither can deny the attraction they feel, or the emotions that come with it—the good and the bad. And so the question becomes… can these two damaged souls survive a second chance at love?
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Crystal L's Thoughts:

Bobbi-Jo Baker is about to get married. Maybe. Or at least she was supposed to until she left her fiance at the alter. Why did she leave her fiance at the alter? Because she didn't love him the way she loved Shane Gallagher, the man from her past. Well, the man that had been in her past but was very much in her present again since he'd been released from prison and was home in New Waterford. So Bobbi-Jo leaves her schmuck of a fiance at the alter, knowing that she'll never be able to love him the way she loves Shane, and she goes to a bar to get drunk. Sitting in that bar in a shadowy corner is Shane Gallagher. And he's sitting in the shadowy corner of a bar because he'd come there to get out of New Waterford while the former love of his life got married to another man. Now he's watching her sit on top of a bar-stool in a wedding dress drinking shots like a mad woman. You guys have to know that this is the beginning of a fantastic second chance love story!

I have to say that I really loved Shane Gallagher. I loved him so much that I'm not willing to share him with Crystal 1 at all. *puts on my boxing gloves* I'll totally fight her for this book boyfriend! Bring it on sister! What did I love so much about Shane? Not only is he sexy, but he's bad ass and artistic. He's got the wounded soul every girl wants to fix. He's got a wicked imagination of kinky maneuvers. And he might be an ex-con, but he's not an A-hole. I didn't think I would like Bobbi-Jo as much as I did, but by the end of the book I loved her as well. Ms. Stone gave me a fantastic sequel that was even better than the first book, Offside, and I loved that book too! Can't wait to see what the third sister's book is like, but I'm betting Betty's story will be a doozy! The only reason I'm giving this 4.5 stars instead of 5 was because I loved Bobbi-Jo and Shane so much, that I felt the HEA was just a tad rushed. I didn't want it too end!

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