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Erotic Romance Weekend - Sylvia Day (Guest Post & Giveaway)

And now we have the fabulous Sylvia Day joining us for Erotic Romance Weekend with a creepy but funny story on how her upcoming anthology with Maya Banks and Karin Tabke came about. She is also offering a giveaway at the end so stick around! Make sure to check out the great authors Kelly has visiting Secrets of a Book Lover too!

Sylvia DayAbout a year and a half ago, I went on a lovely writers’ retreat with my dear friends Maya Banks and Karin Tabke. We rented a quaint little home in Sonoma, CA. The moment we stepped into the house, we were faced with panoramic views. The entire living room and dining room were surrounded by walls of floor to ceiling windows. The setting was picturesque, with a beautifully landscaped garden and rolling green hills beyond that.

The first words out of my mouth? “Uh... where are the curtains?”

Both Karin and Maya shot me odd looks. “What the hell do you need curtains for when you have a view like that?”

“Well,” I said, “when it gets dark, we’re not going to be able to see outside, but everyone will be able to look in.”

“Who’s everyone? There’s nobody out here.”

I concede, they had a point. There was nothing but garden and hills outside the window. No homes, cars, or people. Truth be told, that’s part of what freaked me out. I’m an urbanite--miles of nothing is scary as hell to me. “A serial killer could be out there,” I replied.

My dear friends scoffed at me. Later, when it got dark, I freaked out. They were fine. But then again, out of the three bedrooms in the house, mine was the only one without curtains. Oh, great, I thought. The mass murderer can follow me to my room when I leave the crazy-assed living room with the ginormous curtain-less windows.

Over the next couple days, I tried to explain the correlation between staying out in the boonies and serial killers. “They go hand and hand,” I argued.” And with wide-open windows, they can track our every nocturnal movement.”

Sadly, as much as I love my friends, they just didn’t get it.

And then, late one morning, I was sitting in the living room with Maya when I heard the unmistakable heavy tread of a serial killer on the front deck. Yes, it was morning, but the mass murderer had already had a couple nights to scope us out after dark--through those massive, uncovered windows. Now he was closing in for the kill.

“Did you hear that?” I whispered to Maya.

“Hear what?”

“Bootsteps. On the front deck.”

“Sweet Jesus,” she muttered, with a look that accused me of being crazy. Then she froze. Her eyes widened. Because she heard them, too.

Karin, making coffee in the kitchen, was oblivious. The doorbell rang. And she--a cop’s wife, no less!--glides gracefully toward the door.

Now, we’ve all seen this in scary movies, right? Unsuspecting victim opens the door and *bam* She’s dead. I look at Maya in horror. Maya looks at me the same way.

“What the hell are you doing?” I hiss at Karin.

She glances over into the living room. “Getting the door.”

“Are you insane?” I ask her. “There’s a serial killer out there!”

With an impatient sigh, she goes back into the kitchen and looks out the window, which faces the driveway. “It’s just the cable guy, Syl.”

Maya, who knows as I do, whispers fiercely, “It’s always the cable guy!”

Dawning understanding (tempered by exasperation) swept over Karin’s face. She backed away from the window.

We’re in a rental property, after all. There should be no cable guy or electric guy or any guy coming around while the house is being rented. That’s what the property management team is for. They’ve said nothing about maintenance occurring during our stay.

We waited him out. Maya had her Blackberry in hand. I was eyeing the fireplace poker. We could take him if it came to that. Fortunately for him, it didn’t. He wised up and left.

Later that night, Karin--now wizened to the error of her ways--checked her bedroom windows (the same bedroom windows she’d been sleeping under for days) and realized that while she had curtains, her windows didn’t have locks. Vehement cursing accompanied her search for something to wedge the windows closed with.

Ha! I thought, triumphant. I was right (of course) and now they were listening to me.

The next morning, Karin tells me and Maya about the horrible nightmare she had after she managed to secure the windows and fall asleep.

“What happened?” Maya and I ask. “Did the serial killer get you?”

Yes, he did. He tied her up in a chair and made her watch as he strangled, stabbed, and eviscerated me and Maya. It was heinous.

Maya’s brow went up. My lips pursed. We glanced at each other. Then asked, “What’d he do to you?”

“Oh.” She shuddered delicately. “Nothing. He just made me watch.”

Men Out of UniformMaya and I decided that was the last time we’d warn her about a serial killer at the door.

But aside from educating my friends about the hazards of roughing it in picturesque homes in the wine country, something else came out of that trip to the wilds of Sonoma, CA--MEN OUT OF UNIFORM. It was during that trip that we decided to write the anthology and spend part of the advance for it on our next writing retreat: A week on Catalina Island, in a hillside condo surrounded by other hillside condos, where it would be impossible to miss hearing screams. Safe. Secure. With massive windows showcasing panoramic views of the ocean... and fully-functional window blinds.

Find out more about Sylvia and Men Out of Uniform on her website at: Also be sure to check out her upcoming paranormal romance A Touch of Crimson!

Sylvia is offering one copy of her upcoming release Men Out Of Uniform, shipped directly from her publisher, to one lucky reader. (I am so jealous!!!) Open to US & Canadian residents only. To enter just leave a comment on this post and fill out the rafflecopter below!


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    lol, I think it was funny when me and Maya were outside the first night and scratching on the window making serial killer sounds.

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    Sounds like an awesome time though with Karin and Maya.
    "...scratching on the window making serial killer sounds." lmao Karin!

    Besides the huge stalker friendly windows, Bella, it sounds like a beautiful house!

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  50. Your story was so funny and reminded me of when I was younger and my parents would leave me and my younger sister at home by ourselves. My dad raised Beagles and they are one of the most barking and howling dogs ever. Sometimes we would walk around carry some kind of weapon because we thought we heard something and the dogs were barking.
    Your book sounds very good.

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  52. Do you ever get a say on how your book design will look? Love this one by the way

  53. I never did hear if the guy was legit or not. I still wonder...

    I do get a say in cover design to a certain extent, yes. I can be overruled, but usually the editor asks me in advance what I envision for the art and we narrow it down by compromise after that.

    That said, I choose my battles wisely. There are some things I may not like on a cover, but I'll argue over something that bothers me more instead.

    There's really been only one time where I hated everything about a cover and I was overruled. Later--after the book was out and booksellers and reviewers said over and over again how horrible the cover was--my editor apologized for not listening. It's a rare thing for an apology like that, and I've admired and loved that editor ever since.

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    Carol L
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  59. Is it bad that I was LMAO and reading along and then I hit the MOOU cover and my eyes went *bwoooop* and I forgot what you were talking about?

    I seriously never do that. *shamed*

    Being an Army wife living overseas cured me of my fears of stuff like that. If I hadn't I wouldn't have ever slept. Being alone with your toddler for weeks on end gets scary. I wore out my favorite CD listening to it to fall asleep at night.

    Thanks for sharing your story Sylvia! Looking forward to MOOU and of course Touch of Crimson. :)

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    Yummy cover!

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    I love the pic on the cover, very hot!


  65. Thanks so much for sharing this post! I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I'd be the paranoid one too. In fact I live out of town down a dirt road so now I'll probably be suspecting the UPS man for a while. That's in addition to trying to forget about the mutated bear on that movie Prophecy from 1979 with Armand Assante on it (happened to see it the other week on HBO or one of those channels).

    I love all three of you ladies works. I think you all write variety wonderfully and I'm always hooked no matter what genre/subgenre you go off in. I can't wait for Men Out of Uniform!

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