Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quickie Review: Friendly Fire by Megan Hart

Friendly FireFriendly Fire
by Megan Hart
ebook, 50ish pages
Published March 21st 2011 by Carina Press
ISBN 1426891407
Courtesy of NetGalley
DEA Agent Kendall Frasier doesn't want to see the man who shot and killed her partner. Zane Vincent wants to forget about the bust gone bad and the man he killed. When both officers arrive at the same tropical island for a department-regulated vacation, more heats up than just the sand and sun. Will they let their past prejudices keep them from giving in to their mutual attraction, or will Zane and Kendall both succumb to a little Friendly Fire?
My Thoughts:
Friendly Fire was a fun and quick read, perfect for by the pool or a break in bewteen full-length novels.
The story was well-written, kept my interest and flowed nicely with a great setting; I liked the characters and their background. The sex scenes were steamy but brief and light for an erotica, I was left wanting.
I enjoyed the whole premises of Friendly Fire but honestly; it was just too short for me to become really invested in the characters. It was like when you see someone interesting walking down the street; you follow them with your eyes the whole way down until they disappear but once they turn that corner you’re done with them and won’t think about them again. Does that make sense? LoL
Despite it being so short though Kendal and Zane’s relationship didn’t feel rushed and I felt that by the end it was more then just physical but there wasn’t much in the way of closures and I wish there was an epilogue.
Overall, a good read.
Rating: 3 Wine Glasses - A Good Read

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