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Highlander Week Review: MacLeods of Skye Trilogy by Monica McCarty

MacLeods of Skye Trilogy by Monica McCarty

The MacLeods of Skye Trilogy is a must read series for anyone looking for a full and satisfying read. The trilogy follows the three MacLeod siblings; two brothers who grew up together and a sister who grew up apart from them.

Highlander Untamed starts the trilogy with the eldest MacLeod, Rory. This is by far my favorite of the three. Rory is chief of the MacLeod clan and to appease King James agrees to a year’s handfast with his enemy’s niece, Isobel MacDonald, but he has an agreement of the side with the Campbell to marry his young cousin Elizabeth that will put his clan in a better position of power. He is distrustful of his enemy and is unprepared for the intense attraction and incredible jolt that runs through his body when first seeing Isobel. But he has is right to be wary of her because Isobel has her own agenda. Needing the Mac Donald to protect her family from another feuding clan she agrees to spy on Rory for him, giving the MacDonald the means to destroy Rory once and for all.
Theirs is an emotional journey of love and betrayal that will stick with you long after you turn the last page.

Highlander Unmasked begins three years later with Alex MacLeod caught in a plot of intrigue and deception. Alex is deeply troubled with the guilt of his two cousins death and is in the process of trying to make up for his failures. On a secret mission to uncover King James deadly plot for a branch of his family and acting as a sword for hire he finds himself ensnarled in the life of Meg Mackinnon. Meg doesn’t believe the person Alex is trying to portray, she knows there is much for to him them the seemly cold mercenary. But she can’t afford to get involved or give credence to passion blooming between them. She must find a husband to support her clan before it’s too late, and Alex MacLeod is far from proper marriage material. Despite all the obstacles between them intense emotions erupt, but Alex knows that to protect her and his family he must keep his distance and maintain his cool façade, even if it tears his heart out in the process.

Monica McCarty ends the MacLeod trilogy beautifully in Highlander Unchained two years later with the story of the youngest MacLeod sister, Flora. McCarty brings these characters to life with a flourish. Lachland McLean, Laird of Coll, has many responsibilities as his clan’s chief, some of which pull him in different directions. And one that leads him to kidnapping Flora McLeod, a pampered lady of the court who is determined to make her own choices in life, not be dictated to by her brothers and cousin, and most importantly, not be used for her wealth and position. Flora is headstrong and oft times, too set in her ways but the chemistry between the two is palpable and Lachlan must choose between his duty and his heart.

The MacLeods of Skye have everything you could want in a highland romance. Each novel is full of love and passion that will singe you from the pages, and is masterfully balanced with adventure and suspense. I love a story that can put your heart through such acrobatics as what I have found in McCarty’s writing. 
Captivating characters, sexy highland warriors and charming heroines placed in the beautiful and mystical Highlands of Scotland with well-constructed plots that flow from the pages. McCarty gives the promise of an alluring happily ever after for each couple and more. The author also does incredible work with her research and I love the little historical notes at the end of each novel. (You can also find more faqs, info, photos and fun stuff on her website) To know that these characters where based on real people and something along the story’s lines could of happened to them is simply fascinating. 
What it all comes down to though is that the MacLeods of Skye Trilogy is a must-read series that you should not pass up. 

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Rating: Five Wine Glasses - Simply Amazing!


  1. great series!

    loved your review of the trilogy :)

  2. Girl...I love, love, love me some Rory! Highlander Untamed was my favorite too of the three.

    Have you read Highland Outlaw? Highland Outlaw, The Chieftain and Highlander are tied at the top for me for favorite books by Monica!

  3. I so so need to read Monica's books haven't yet.

  4. Thanks Laurie!

    I haven't read the rest of her books yet, just finished with the MacLeods, but I am def. looking forward to reading the rest of her novels! I so loved Rory, I'm adding him to my harem.

    Donna, you really need to read these!

  5. Hey Ing! ::waves::
    I love Rory too...sigh...
    Donna, girl plug your ears cuz I can be shrill "WHAT?! YOU HAVEN'T READ MONICA MCCARTY?!" you should, she's awesome.

  6. Great review of this trilogy !! I must say I havent read this series but now have added it to my highland ! page in my little black book !! thanks for the review eagerly await to read this set !!

    kat :)

  7. I only have one of these and I haven't read it yet. I guess I'm gonna need to get the other 2 they sound so good.

  8. Ing, I totally loved Rory, sigh...Rory...sorry, was I daydreaming? lol


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