Friday, May 13, 2011

Please Read!!!

Hey'all! Guess what? Blogger is back up! But...I have to repost everything from May 11th at 12pm on. So that means if you made comments since then, Blogger has ate them and you'll have to repost. I do have a few saved under my email notifications and I will re-post them myself in the comments section so if you have left a comment for Highlander Week since the date & time above and you don't see me reposting it then you will have to re-comment. Sorry about that but unfortunately theres nothing I can do, they are gone. =(
If you entered some of the giveaways using Google forms then you do not need to re-enter, these are all still there. Just the comments are gone. I am working on getting all the posts back up now and then will re-enter the comments that I have. Please give me some time to do that and then go ahead and comment again. 
Thanks so much for your understanding, hope everyone has a great Friday the 13th! My black cat Bones and I will be enjoying it! LoL 

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