Sunday, May 22, 2011

Highlander Week Winners and More!

Woohoo, I have a ton of lassies and one lad to announce as winners for all the Highlander Week giveaways! Are ye all excited? Well, let's get to it!

Winner – Heather at booksavvybabe

Winner - Dpbussie

Winner – Winnie

Winners – Tim, Tammie and Danielle

Winner – Crystal J

Winner – Tore 

Winner – Melissa 

Winner – Carol L

Winner – Crystal B

Winner – Jill

And here's what the winner will be receiving

Winner – Redd

Which celeb looks the best in a kilt?
Gerard Butler!
Which celeb would defend your clan best?
Gerard Butler!
Which celeb would you be happy to have an arranged marriage with?
Gerard Butler!
Which celeb could you picture as a 16th century laird?
Sean Connery!
Which celeb would preform the sword dance best?
Gerard Butler!
Which celeb could wield a claymore best?
Gerard Butler!
Which celeb would win the caber toss in the Highland Games?
Gerard Butler! (This was a close one with Vin Diesel)

And now....Which celeb would make the best Highland Warrior???
GERARD BUTLER! Yay!!! *happydance*

And one more giveaway winner from H.P. Mallory's A Tale of Two Goblins Blog Tour:
Winner - Temperance

 All winners were chosen using If you're a winner, I will contact you shortly with an email notification. Please respond within 48 hours so that I can forward your info to the authors, where needed. If I do not hear back from you in this time frame then I will pick another winner.
Another great big THANK YOU to all the authors who participated in Highlander Week, I know everyone has a busy schedule and I'm very grateful for you wonderful ladies taking them time out to join us at Reading Between the Wines. And another huge THANK YOU to all you wonderful readers who joined in with your comments, we wouldn't be here doing these events without you! *muah!* 
Until next time, enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


  1. No kidding, SERIOUSLY?! HURRAH!!! =)

    Thanks so much Crystal!! *smooshhugs*


  2. Yay! Thank you, Crystal!!
    Also congrats to the other winners! Happy Reading, everyone! :)

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    Crystal, are you sure you didn't rig it for Gerard Butler to win? ;)


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