Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sexy Snippets: Collision Course by Zoe Archer


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Collision Course (8th Wing #1)Using strength gleaned from desire, Mara pushed him back so he sat in his chair. He went willingly, understanding her intent. She straddled him, her arms wrapped around the width of his shoulders. His hand still held the back of her head, while his other hand gripped her waist hard. Mara pressed her hypersensitive to his and found that he was as tight and solid as she imagined. But it was better, so much better, than in her imagination. He had a fighter's body and a fighter's strength, and all of it, all of his strength and fire, was focused on her. Her skirt rode up. Her hips pressed into his. Beneath the searing heat of her ....., she felt him. The hard, thick length of his .... pressing into her. He wanted inside her. She wanted him there. She rocked her hips into him, and even through the fabric of her panties and his pants, the shaft of his .... edged between her folds. God, she was so wet. Wet for him. He had to feel it. Collision Course by Zoe Archer - pg. 48
Wow, anybody else need a cold shower after that one?


  1. Well,,,Im new to this,,and I believe I posted on Secrets of a book lover for last week,,,but wanted to start it so I posted it again for this week,,,please bare with me,,,Im still learning the blog thingy...
    thanks for sharing

  2. Mmm... that one definitely calls for a cold shower!

  3. I just found this and added you. Hope you'll join me next Monday for What's Beside Your Bed? My Monday Meme. :)


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