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Review: The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and Mating by Evelyn Lafont

The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and MatingThe Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and Mating
by Evelyn Lafont
ebook, 140 pages
Published March 30th 2011 by Helios Media, Inc
ISBN 0012319651
Josie wants what she's never been able to have--sex with a vampire. When she receives an invitation to a party thrown by one of the world's richest vamps, she doesn't stop to question her luck; she just jumps into her favorite stilettos and heads out to the event of a lifetime, secretly hoping that she'll come home with a party favor in the shape of a sexy coffin dweller. But the great undead, much to Josie's chagrin, aren't just pale sexbots with pointy teeth waiting to satisfy her carnal desires; they are dangerous--and sometimes cranky. With a single-minded focus on fulfilling her sole sexual longing, Josie unwittingly entrenches herself in the twisted and sometimes antagonistic world of vampire relationships with no one to guide her, but herself.
My Thoughts:

The Vampire Relationship Guide was a funny novella and a fun, quick read.

Josie is an outspoken 32 year old who works in a bridal shop and has an obsession with dating a vampire; until she suddenly has two hot vamps vying for her attention. Then she finds out that they may not be all the rage she thought they were.

Josie meets Gregory at a party and they instantly hit it off and he seems like the perfect man, err..vampire. But when she plans a date with him, Walker, the rude vampire that she met skulking outside of Gregory’s residence also asks her out. She figures why not and agrees but these two constantly rub each other the wrong way. I love me some bad boys so I was instantly drawn to Walker even though he managed to say all of the wrong things. Gregory was just too perfect for me. I loved the dialogue between Josie and Walker and Josie was just hilarious all by herself. The things that came out of her mouth had me laughing out load.

There was some suspense, action and a twist thrown in towards the end but the beginning went at a slow pace. And I knew that one of Josie’s love interests weren’t all of what they seemed but I was surprised as to how that aspect turned out. I also wasn’t believing the emotions between Walker and Josie, though I did love them, they’re relationship just wasn’t as developed as her and Gregory’s.
One sex scene that was so-so, with a middle aged woman dying to get into the sack with a vampire I thought there would be a bit more but alas, it was not to be.

The main lesson of this novella is, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it! An entertaining and fast read to break up the routine of 300+ page novels.

Rating: 3.5 A Good Read!

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  1. It's light & quick reading was the change that I enjoyed and yeah, I didn't think about it but it was slower to the end wasn't it? lol.

    Shows how attentive I was. =)


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