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Review: Everyone Loves a Hero by Marie Force

Everyone Loves a HeroEveryone Loves a Hero
Marie Force
Mass Market Paperback, 416 pages
Published February 1st 2011 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 140224574
Fame has its perks... Reluctantly famous, First Officer Cole Langston finds being in the spotlight has its advantages-until he meets Olivia. Having women throw themselves at him everywhere he goes becomes a serious problem when he's trying to convince her she's the one... And its price... Olivia has trouble trusting a guy like Cole, and everywhere she turns she sees reasons to run. But he's the only man who's ever seemed to understand her as an artist and as a woman...Cole is working overtime to prove to Olivia that he's serious, but her deep seated mistrust and his entourage of unwelcomed fans may be more than they can overcome...
My thoughts:
Marie Force delivers with a romance that is both sweet and hot in Everyone Loves a Hero!

Cole ‘Jackpot’ Langston is a former Air Force pilot working as a First Officer for a commercial airline, based out of Chicago. He likes to live the high life with traveling, womanizing, and driving fast cars. When the pilot he is flying with has a heart attack and Cole is forced to take the passenger-filled plane down in a snowstorm, and then administers CPR, saving the pilot’s life he is named a hero. Fame is cool at first but Cole soon tires of all the media attention, though he still takes advantage of the female interest. Needless to say, he is quite the player. With good looks, charm and now ‘Hero’ status he sees plenty of action but is always upfront with the ladies, stating ahead of time he isn’t looking for anything serious.
That is until he gets knocked out standing up for a stranger and wakes up staring into the beautiful face of Olivia Robison. From that first ‘Jolt’ he is lost. Now he has to convince the insecure Olivia that she is it for him and despite all their odds, they can make this work…

I absolutely loved Cole and Olivia right away; the way they fought for their relationship to despite the numerous obstacles was absolutely endearing and I was unable to put this book down because of it.
Cole is just amazing in every way, not perfect by any means, but definitely a man you can easily fall in love with. He knows Olivia is the one for him right away but he has his work cut out for him convincing Olivia and getting rid of a few ex girlfriends while she isn’t looking.
These two provide the perfect balance for each other, Olivia inspiring Cole to be a better man and Cole giving Olivia the push and confidence that she needs.
Olivia is very insecure, she has led a sheltered life and is somewhat intimidated by Cole’s experience, but she is especially insecure when it comes to her abilities to keep him interested in her. And her feelings are very relatable. I know if a sexy, charming man was all of the sudden into me and professing his love I’d be a little wary too, especially with numerous women constantly throwing themselves at him right in front of her, ex-girlfriends showing up wherever they go and a crazy disgruntled ex causing trouble. Cole is patient and constantly reassures her with his words, actions and is just incredibly sweet. I found myself continually smiling while reading this novel. Cole also supports Olivia in her art, pushing her to attend art school and show other’s her work, giving her the courage she lacked.
When these two get together the sex scenes are sizzling and numerous. The writing flowed smoothly and kept me turning the pages, Cole & Olivia’s story was complex and very entertaining. Their character growth was also fascinating and dynamic. Good suspense with their relationship and a few twists to keep you guessing. The ending was wonderful and heart warming, it put a big smile on my face and I closed this book with a happy sigh.

The only reason this novel received a 4.5 from me instead of a 5 was because I thought that the ‘I love you’s’ came a little too quickly and too often, and though I loved all the sex scenes there was one or two too many and it seemed like filler for the plot.

I think that Everyone Loves a Hero would be a great read to lift your spirits if you’re feeling down, but is an exceptional read either way and I will be recommending it to my friends. And Cole was just *dreamy sigh*, wow. I will definitely be adding him to by BB harem. Make yourself comfy hon, I’ll be visiting you often! LoL
I’m not usually one for contemporary romances but this one grabbed me hook, line and sinker.

Rating: 4.5 Loved it, a must read!


  1. I couldn't help but smile while reading your review. The cover of Everyone Loves A Hero drew me in and I couldn't wait to read it. I really enjoyed it. I usually pass on the books I read, but this one became a keeper.

  2. This is outside my usual taste but the premise intrigued me enough I keep noticing it.

    Thanks so much for the review Crystal! I'm gonna have to add it to my wishlist pronto. :D

  3. This book is a keeper for me too Chris. I just gave it to my mom to borrow and I'm having nightmares of her leaving creases! LoL

    It's outside mine too Rhi but I really loved it, it was a happy read.

    And you should def. get to it Megan, so good!

  4. Agreed on the "I Love You's". They came too quickly for me. When it happened I was like "really???".

    Anyway other then that I enjoyed the book very much too. Love Cole.


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