Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CZP Blog Tour: Every Shallow Cut


He's nameless, faceless, and has nothing left to lose - and now he has a gun! Alone except for his beloved bulldog, Churchill, a man who's failed at his career, his marriage, and his own simple hopes makes his way across the American landscape and the spectacle of his own bitter past, heading home to his brother when he knows there's no home left for him.

Tom Piccirilli brings us a story for our current struggling times, taken directly from a broken heart. It is full of realism, grit, and a depth that gives voice to the fears most of us can barely imagine. The terror of loss, the overwhelming dread of failure, the horror of missed-out, mediocre dreams. And the all-too average explosive rage.


This was an intense, dark, gritty and all too candid look into what happens to people when they have lost it all.  The hopelessness, the shame, the judgement of loved ones.  No one wants to admit it but Tom Piccirilli lays it all out on the table.  This book exposes the inner turmoil that one man goes through when he's lost everything.  The first person narration gives the reader a glimpse into the thoughts, fears and anxiety of someone who has no one to turn to and nowhere to go.


This book was honest, insightful and painful to read.  It addresses a horribly familiar epidemic that could affect anyone at any time.  It's a well written document of the current state of our economy and the effect it has on people.  It is a short book but is by no means light reading.  As the main character spirals downward I couldn't help but feel the urge to reach out to grab him.  The feeling of connection with a character on such a basic and raw level made me love this book. 

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something that is real and relatable.

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