Monday, November 15, 2010

Mmm...Monday (11/15)

Today's Mmm...Monday is going to be a quickie. But those are nice every now and then. ;-)

I've been in a western kinda mood the last week so this week's man candy is going with that theme. And we get two this week because I couldn't make up my mind on them.



Only a couple new releases for tomorrow;

I so need to get caught up on the Immortals series, I haven't read the last book, Dark Flame, yet. 

And lastly, I have an important question for all you book bloggers and readers out there if you'd be so kind to help me out. 
When reading author interviews and guest posts on blogs what to do you like to hear about? Their new release? Series in general?  Favorite characters? About the author? Or an author take over on a post? Something else? 
If you could comment and let me know I would appreciate your thoughts on this. 

Have a lovely Monday and a fabulous week! 


  1. I'll take cow boy numero uno!

  2. I like to see a little of everything in author interviews as long as it's not too long. Mainly I would say if it's a new author/series I would want to know about the book/characters.

  3. I like to see a bit of everything as well. But I love the questions that dig into their process as a writer and some of the harder ones "favorite all time character" etc.

  4. I like to learn a few personal details about an author, the writing process, every day 4 hours, or when inspiration hits, you don't leave the computer at all. Also, I like the ones where the main character gets a few questions to answer. A bit of everything I guess.


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