Monday, November 8, 2010

Book Club Book Review: Enchantment By Orson Scott Card

The moment Ivan stumbled upon a clearing in the dense Carpathian forest his life was forever changed. Atop a pedestal encircled by fallen leaves, the beautiful princess Katerina lay as still as death. But beneath the foliage a malevolent presence stirred and sent the ten-year-old Ivan scrambling for the safety of Cousin Marek's farm.
Now, years later, Ivan is an American graduate student, engaged to be married. Yet he cannot forget that long-ago day in the forest — or convince himself it was merely a frightened boy's fantasy. Compelled to return to his native land, Ivan finds the clearing just as he left it. This time he does not run. This time he awakens the beauty with a kiss . . . and steps into a world that vanished a thousand years ago. A rich tapestry of clashing worlds and cultures, Enchantment is a powerfully original novel of a love and destiny that transcend centuries . . . and the dark force that stalks them across the ages.

This is the story of what happens after Sleeping Beauty awakens and how her Happily, or maybe Not-So-Happily, Ever After begins…
This book was really well written, with a fabulous plot full of imagination and wonderful world building. Enchantment takes you on a creative journey into the world of Russian & Jewish folklore. With an abundance of angst, good prevailing over evil, politics, religion, a little romance and some action at the end.
I liked the retelling of the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty; Card gave it a unique twist where modern world 1990’s collides with the 900’s.

Unfortunately I found myself struggling to read it with out falling asleep due to the boring characters. I didn’t connect at all with Ivan or Katerina and found their characters to be unbelievable & uninteresting. Not to mention all the inner monologue & character interaction was annoying; She thinks I’m pathetic, despises me, and pities me, blah blah blah. Some of the side characters were a bit more interesting but not by much.

I found that every few chapters was a teaser, you think its finally getting exciting then nope, nada, back to square one. Also, a lot of scenes could have been cut out in my opinion, and some were just down right dumb.

Take out the characters and swap them for some new, exciting ones and it’d be great! Although everyone else in the group really liked this read so you may want to check it out for yourself. 

Rating Scale:

Smexy Scale:

A bit steamy


  1. Wow. Sounds like the book was okay but had major flaws. I once read that it is better to show how characters feel through dialogue and action than have them blabbering on and on to themselves. I think I'll skit this one. Thanks for the review and I like the rating system!

  2. You know, I've never read this author but had been recommended to read him a couple of times. I'm sorry to hear this wasn't one of his better books...or should I say, not his most interesting. Thanks for the wonderful review, will definitely keep this in mind when picking a book of his to read!! :)


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