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Book Review: Silent Night, Haunted Night by Terri Garey

Silent Night, Haunted Night

Nicki Styx, book 4

By Terri Garey

All I haunt for christmas is you . . .
Joe Bascombe is no stranger to desire, but when a sexy spirit begins haunting his dreams, he finds himself ensnared by dark passions. What he doesn't realize is that the devious demon and her two sisters, otherwise known as the Three Fates, are out to teach the woman he loves a lesson . . .
Unwilling psychic Nicki Styx survived a near-death experience to find herself able to see and hear the dead, but she only has eyes for Joe. Together they've conquered evil spirits, saved lost souls, and beaten back the Devil himself, but they're about to learn that there are more things in Heaven and Hell than they ever imagined. As far as Nicki is concerned, Joe is the man of her dreams, but now they're at the mercy of the creature who's invaded his.
It'll be a Christmas to remember . . . and it could be Joe and Nicki's last.

The fourth and last installment in the Nicki Styx series about the pink hair vintage goth chic who had a NDE and now sees dead people starts out with a bang!

Nicki wakes up at 3:00am to find an old lady, a beautiful women and a child floating over her bed and over hears a very strange conversation but she is unable to move or speak and falls fast asleep afterwards. Upon waking up she has to question whether it was a dream or not until the beautiful woman walks into her store that morning. Nicki is instantly suspicious but Evan waves her off and states “Jealousy does not become you, darling.” But after boyfriend Joe shows up at the store and plays hero to a familiar looking grandma and child she knows something is not right in Little Five Points.
Selena, Mary and Kate, otherwise known as The Fates, want revenge on Nicki and Selena is looking forward to seducing good-looking Dr. Joe Bascombe away from Nicki and making her life a living hell.
It seems no one will believe Nicki when she tries to tell them about the evil succubus Selena, least of all Joe, until an unlikely source shows up to help her out.
But when a confused spirit running from the darkness that left behind a teenage son shows up Nicki must choose to either help them or possibly loose Joe.

My thoughts:
 This book is OMG good; I absolutely LOVED it, a smash ending to Terri Garey’s Nicki Styx series! I had to force myself to put it down Saturday night so I could get a few hours sleep and then picked it right back up first thing Sunday morning.
You are thrown into the action from page one and it continues at a fast pace throughout the book. There is no good stopping point, it’s like a compulsion, you HAVE to turn the page to find out what is going to happen next. 

Silent Night, Haunted Night is darker then Garey’s previous but still fun and exciting with an easy dialogue and characters you can relate to even if they’re nothing like you. An extremely well written book and series total.

Joe steps it up here and shows some character and you really get sucked into the heart and mind of Nicki. Chuck full of suspense, you will find yourself wrapped up in the drama surrounding their relationship and strapped into the front seat of this emotional roller-coaster. I found myself having arguments with Joe in my head in Nicki’s defense while reading and thinking, “You should have said…” and “THIS is what I would of told him…”
Sammy, the super hawt Devil, makes a very surprising and delightful appearance that leaves you questioning whether the devil could have a heart underneath all that darkness. 
Nicki also finds an un-expected ally along the way and receives a beautiful glimpse of the future that leaves you feeling light and happy.

Then the book wraps up in a big nice, neat Christmas bow. It’s rare that you find a series ending as neatly put together as this one.

I am looking forward to Terri Garey’s spin-off series featuring Sammy Divine. Devil Without a Cause, the first book in her upcoming Devil's Bargain series,
will be released in June 2011.

*I would compare this book to Jeaniene Frost's Destined for an Early Grave, the relationship and emotion between the couples are similar. And you know that Night Huntress is my ABSOLUTE favorite series EVER so that is giving this book very high marks indeed. 


  1. I definately need to get more into the paranormal! This series sounds really good!

  2. It was! It took me a while to start the series because I wasn't sure I'd like them but I'm glad I finally did! More urban fantasy then what genre it's placed in, paranormal romance. But still great. =)

  3. Comparable to Night Huntress? And I have yet to read this series? Must remedy that. Thanks for the review!

  4. Just this last book Mandi, though I do recommend the whole series. Silent Night, Haunted Night has the same kind of emotion and suspense with Nicki & Joe that Destined for an Early Grave had with Cat & Bones. Like your heart was breaking along with the MC's.
    Unfortunetly though it doesn't have the type of 'romantic scenes' that you will find in the Night Huntress series, if ya'know what I mean, and nothing even close to CH32. But that may be a good thing, if every book had that kind of scene there might be a lot of us locked up in our bedroom all day! ;)LoL


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