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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HIGHLANDER WEEK: Guest Post & Giveaway w/author Laura Hunsaker of Highland Destiny

Happy Day 3 of Highlander Week! Some of ye might recognize the fabulous lady guest posting today, a huge thank ye to Laurie for taking the time to stop by! =)

Why Highlanders?

When asked to guest post here for Highlander Week, how could I say “no?” For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Laura Hunsaker, author of Highland Destiny, and otherwise known as the Highland Hussy over at . And I love Scottish Romances.

I’d like to talk about them, and the heroes who inspired these books. So today, I ask you, Why Highlanders? No really, what’s so sexy about them.

Here is what we think of:

I mean, think about it. In Highland Destiny, it’s the eighteenth century, so their kilts were actually Féileadh Mòr which are plaids, worn up and over the shoulder so they could be used as a hood and cloak at the same time (not a low slung and super sexy kilt like we see). They don’t bathe as often, they are hairy, smelly, and by all rights, that should be unattractive, right? And yet, we find them romantic. I mean, I know I do!

Here is what they probably looked like:

(btw, don’t google hairy men in kilts, because dude!! Seriously, just dude.)

During the Highland Clearances, the English basically decide to take their lands. So they drive them out. So this is where I see the hero we romance authors have based ours on. These men are fighting for their homes, for their (yes, alright Braveheart fans, for their “FREEDOM!”) for a way of life that had been theirs for centuries. They fought with rocks, with trees (think caber tossing) they fought with anything they could because they had nothing. And they never gave up. The Highlanders are now known for being honorable and protective of their clans. The ones we read about are usually an honorable warrior who puts the good of his clan above all. How can we resist that? Add to that story, a super sexy book cover model with a waxed chest and we have the perfect Scottish Romantic hero.
So my question to you is, why do we romanticize the Highlanders? Why them, and not, say, the Irish? They wore kilts. They have sexy accents. What’s the draw to the Scots?

Thank you Crystal, for letting me take over your blog today :D


Laura is giving away a digital copy of her debut novel, Highland Destiny!
“He stole his enemy’s bride out of vengeance, but now he wants her for his own.”

Mackenzie Stewart’s in Scotland for a much-needed vacation. During the castle tour, Mackenzie becomes completely enamored with a painting of one of the previous lairds. Two gentlemen come up behind her and, begging her pardon, they kidnap her, dragging her through time.

The men are sorcerers attempting to end a feud that has plagued their lands for years. Their patron has begun to dabble in the black arts, and between his irrational thirst for power, and his dark secret, the sorcerers are frightened. They believe Mackenzie can break the Stewart curse. They try to convince her to play along with their crazy scheme: marriage to the evil John Campbell.

Before Mackenzie can protest, her carriage is halted and the door thrown open. For a split-second she is arrested by the same beautiful piercing blue eyes that belonged in an oil painting.

Mackenzie then finds herself the victim of a second kidnapping!

Her new captor, however, does nothing but tempt her body and her temper. Believing her to in fact be the betrothed of his mortal enemy the Campbell, Connor originally sets out to capture his enemy’s betrothed. He never thought he would be so attracted to her that he’d want to keep her.

To enter, just leave a comment answering Laura's question at the end of her post. 

Make sure to leave your email address while commenting. Giveaway will end at 11:59pm on May 21th, open Internationally. 


Book Savvy Babe said...

Hey Laura, great guest post! I know why I love the highlanders and romaticize them, there are a couple of reasons…..they have so much to loose, their homes, their families, their way of life…Also, I think the reputation that they have for taking what they want, be it land, wars, weapons or women, that reputation if fairly romantic in and of itself. At least, in thought, I’m sure in real life it was pretty barbaric, but in print, it makes for exciting reading…the Highlander have that reputation for strength and for knowing who they are, and that’s attractive
booksavvybabe AT gmail DOT com

Rhianna said...

Why romanticize the Highlanders and not the Irish... *giggles* all I can think of when you ask that is my Irish grandfather. Nooo definitely not romantic hero material. :P

I think the Highlanders lend themselves to being romanticized because the very qualities that made them legendary are qualities lacking in modern men, qualities we women wish more of them displayed. Am I right or am I right?

bittenbyromance said...

Don't enter me I have already read Highland Destiny and loved it. Loved the post Laura and I hope you ladies have a good highlander week.


AngelaCarr said...

Highlander Destiny is an awesome book. Patiently waiting for the next book! *pulling hair out*

Anonymous said...

Men that are physically ripped. Rock hard bodies. Tall large bodies. Long fingers that wrap themselves around "petite" woman (such as myself). Love that part. Yummy. Their shafts are long and wide but they always fit perfectly.

Men that take the woman that they want and scrutinize to get any woman that puts up resistance. (Take me, I'm yours). They cruise a woman's body from head to toe and back up again. They love to rock her with (with tongue and fingers) wow wow! I'd give up my virginity to them in a hot second (if I still had it). I love a man with long hair tied back with a thong.

They brave danger for the woman that they want. They are protectors. Knights in shining armor.

Unknown said...

I think it became trendy to romanticize the Scots because of Queen Victoria, and that trend continues today.

Highland Hussy said...

Heather: Thank you, and I couldn't agree with you more!

Rhianna: LOL, definitely don't want to be thinking of dear ol' granddad during a steamy romance, you are soo right on that count!

Thanks for swinging by Laurie :)

Angela: girl, don't pull out your hair, Liam will be out soon enough

Chandra: I love your description. I definitely went off into daydream land for a few minutes :)

mbreakfield: didn't she dress her children in kilts for a photograph? I would have to look it up, but I do remember that.

BLHmistress said...

LOL not entering but had to come by and support Laura omg you are so right they probably looked like that later - ew LOL don't blow our fantasy of them ROFL.

June M. said...

I think we probably love Scottish Highlanders so much because there are so many books written about them. There are not as many books about Irish...but eith of them have sexy accents and kilts so they are both great in my opinion!

GFC: June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

I love hairy dude there. I just want to sit on his lap and braid his beard.

Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

June, I don't think it's in print anymore but if you can find it used somewhere Patricia McAllister's Sea Raven is my favorite Irish Historical Romance. It's about an Irish clan, a sexy English sea captain and the court of Queen Elizabeth.

Mary @SweepingMe said...

They are portrayed as the sexiest lovers on earth. Who wouldn't want to read about them?

Mary_Reiss @

latishajean said...

I have to say whats not to like can't just pick one thing! I love to read them and can't wait to read more! This sounds so good I really want to read this one! Thank you so much for the chance :)

Anonymous said...

I do wonder why they are more romanticized...perhaps because they lived more on the outskirts of civilization and therefore were more mysterious??

mk261274 at gmail dot com

Highland Hussy said...

BLHMistress: see what happens when someone lets me take over their blog for the day? lol

June:I have seen a few good series about Irishmen (Michelle Willingham has a good one), but you're right, they just aren't as heroic as our Highlanders.

Crystal: he's the most "mild" hairy guy I could find...seriously.

Mary I like the way you think! sexiest lovers on earth? agreed!

Highland Hussy said...

Latishajean: I completely agree-it's too hard to pick just one reason, and good luck in the giveaway :)

Melissa: I like that concept-that one's a first for me and it totally works too.

Tore923 said...

Its hard to pick just one thing I like about them. They are hot handsome and sexy. They value family, their land and possessions and they are loyal. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

DarkBloodyVamp said...

I think they are romanticized because of how strong and powerful they seemed to be in a warrior fashion.

Thanks Crystal for the awesome work you are doing for this Highlanders week giveaway!


Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Just stopping by to say hi and that the accents are what draw me in! (I'm not entering I've got my copy on my Nook)

Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

(Comment Re-Post)
mbreakfield: I think it became trendy to romanticize the Scots because of Queen Victoria, and that trend continues today.

Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

(Comment Re-Post)
June M.: I think we probably love Scottish Highlanders so much because there are so many books written about them. There are not as many books about Irish...but eith of them have sexy accents and kilts so they are both great in my opinion!

GFC: June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Why do we love Highlander's? In my opinion it is because, due to polical correctness, we have been effectively neutering our males. We always want what we cannot have.

latishajean said...

Whats not to like very brave sexy! This sounds so good being kidnapped twice I loved what I read and really want to read more ! Thank you so much for the chance :)

Unknown said...

Blogger ate my first comment. Anyway, I think the romanticizing of highlanders started with Queen Victoria and the trend continues today.

DarkBloodyVamp said...

We romanticize bout the highlanders because of their Warrior instincts to fight. Think Braveheart and you cannot but help yourself to fall in love with them.

Thanks for this giveaway!


Highland Hussy said...

Wow! Blogger hit you guys too, huh? At demonlovers we couldn't get anything posted, or commented either. grrr....blogger...

Marlene, I remember yours and I have to agree with you, I'm pretty sure there's a famous photo of the Queen with her children dressed in kilts.

Unknown said...

Truly, I have no idea. I didn't even think about highlanders until I saw them in movies. They were always hot, and had sexy accents, and fought for what they believed in. After that, I thought they were pretty awesome.

ceeenndee at gmail dot com

Library Lady said...

I don't know why we romanticize the Scots over the Irish. I agree with the earlier comment that it's probably because there are more books about them. I honestly don't know, but I do know I love to read about them!
adsanders77 at gmail dot com

Lisa (Lisa's World of Books) said...

I would guess that it is because someone decided to write about them and it just grew from there! They are also the underdogs!

lisasworldofbooks @ charter dot net

winnie said...

Why do we romanticize the Highlanders... I don't really know why but I can say that it just works and appeals to us that these alpha males have that strong protective traits that comes from being honorable warriors.

winnie said...

Whoops, sorry for posting again but I forgot to include my email:



DebbieB said...

Oh I like em both. The Scottish and the Irish. Man n Kilt regardless. Yay.

Highland Hussy said...

Christine-movies about Highlanders are always fun ;)

Library Lady-I love to read about them too

Lisa- you bring up a good point! Who doesn't want to love the underdog?

Winnie-I do love those Alpha Males!

dpbussie- google men in kilts...there are some nice photos (but don't google hairy men in kilts, yuck!)