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Quick and Dirty Interview with Author Tracy Brogan of My Kind of Forever + #Giveaway

Quick and Dirty Interview with Author Tracy Brogan

Coffee or tea?
Copious amounts of coffee but my 2019 resolution is to drink more tea and less java.

Walk on the beach or skiing at a remote chalet?
How about lounging on a tropical beach with a fruity cocktail or lounging in the chalet with a nice Merlot? Oh, and there is a handsome guy massaging my feet.

Comedy or drama?
It depends on my mood. I love stories that can incorporate both.

TV or books?
Books, of course, but I confess that Netflix has recently taken over my life.

Best movie you have watched in the last year?
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. That’s not my standard fare but I thought everything about this movie was adorable.

Best romance you read in the last year?
Oh, too many to choose from!

A book you wish you had written?
All of them? Or maybe not. I love reading a well-written book and getting to the end and saying, “I would not have changed a thing.” Sometimes it’s hard to turn off the editor in my head when I’m reading.

Favorite romance trope to read?
Maybe it’s just because my current book is this trope but I think I’ll say enemies to lovers is one of my favorites. I love witty, sarcastic banter and the whole “will they or won’t they” atmosphere.

Favorite romance trope to write?
I sincerely enjoy them all. I like the variety of choosing different tropes to keep my readers engaged.

Favorite place to write?
I recently took a trip to St. Lucia with my daughters and it was heavenly. I didn’t write a word while I was there! But I’d go back there if it was an option! More realistically, I just got a treadmill desk and that’s where I work best. I’m actually walking as I type this. Aren’t I coordinated?

Your heroine that most closely resembles you?
Sadie Turner from my debut novel, CRAZY LITTLE THING. She’s a wannabe professional organizer who labels her refrigerator shelves. And she hopes that her insecurities are endearing but really they’re just kind of annoying! Yeah. That’s me.

A trait that all of your heroes must have?
A sincere interest in what the heroine thinks and feels. He doesn’t just pretend to listen. He actually listens to what she has to say.

A setting (city/region) you want to write about in the future?
Ireland. I have a couple of historical stories swirling around in my brain and one of them starts in Dublin in 1850 and ends in New York City.

The actor and actress you used to physically model your H/h after in My Kind of Forever?
I get asked this question quite often and while I definitely have my own mental image of the characters, I don’t like to share who I’m picturing because I want the reader to create their own ideas based on what I’ve written.

Your favorite scene from My Kind of Forever?
I don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say that the scene where the heroine finds out some unexpected things about the hero is probably my favorite. I also like any scene with Dmitri Krushnic, the guy who always wears a beekeeping hat - even when he’s nowhere near his bees.

A song that encapsulates the emotion of My Kind of Forever?
While drafting this story, I took my daughter to see X-ambassadors at a small, intimate venue. I hadn’t been that aware of them before this but something about that concert transformed me into a fan. Two songs from that night, Gorgeous and Ahead of Myself, really resonated with me and I realized that the emotions from those songs were just the nuances I needed to add to my hero to make him that much more loveable. He sees the heroine in a way no one else can see her. He sees the real her.

What’s next?
I’m participating in a project with a dream-team of authors and I’m really excited for this book to be released. (June 2019) It’s called ONCE UPON A WEDDING: A FICTION FROM THE HEART SECOND CHANCES ANTHOLOGY. It’s a collection of short stories and novellas woven around a wedding and some kind of second chance. Mine is about a newscaster and a meteorologist who reconnect during a natural disaster and even though that may sound dark, it’s still a comedy. I can’t seem to not write comedy. After that, I may write the third book in the Trillium Bay series. I’ve left the door open for then so it depends on what my readers ask for.

40626429My Kind of Forever
(Trillium Bay #2)
by Tracy Brogan 
Kindle Edition, 269 pages
Published January 22nd 2019 by Montlake Romance
As the youngest mayor Trillium Bay has ever elected, Brooke Callaghan wants to prove she’s up to the challenge. She’s stepping out of her practical teacher flats and into her sister’s treacherously high heels…with disastrous results. But if she’s going to (literally) stumble her first day on the job, why not fall into the arms of a handsome stranger?

Leo Walker is a rarity on Wenniway Island. Not only handsome, he’s also single, funny, and—most importantly—interested in Brooke. Unfortunately, his reasons for being on the island are temporary, so in spite of the undeniable chemistry between them, he’s not a forever kind of guy.

When a private investigator arrives with news of a jewel thief hiding on the island, Brooke finds herself dealing with one kerfuffle after another, and Leo proves to be a delicious distraction. What does she really know about him, though? And the biggest question of all? Does this short-term romance hold the possibility of long-term love?

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Author Biography

Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tracy Brogan is a three-time Romance Writers of America RITA finalist for her Bell Harbor series. She writes fun, funny stories about ordinary people finding extraordinary love, and she lives in Michigan with her two brilliant daughters and their two intellectually challenged dogs. She loves to hear from readers, so check out her website at You can also follow her on Facebook at

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