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4 Wine Glass #Review for Christmas On Pointe: A Silver Bell Falls Holiday Novella by Samantha Chase


32057276Title: Christmas On Pointe: A Silver Bell Falls Holiday Novella
Series: Silver Bell Falls
Author: Samantha Chase
Format: Kindle, 219 Pages
Published: Chasing Romance, Inc. (November 9, 2016)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

It’s Christmastime again in Silver Bell Falls and the whole town is getting in the spirit to help ballet teacher Abby Foster achieve her dream of opening her own dance studio!

Dancing has been Abby’s dream for her entire life – but more than anything, she wanted that dream in her beloved hometown of Silver Bell Falls. Teaching ballet to children at the community center is fine, but she’ hoping for so much more – her own studio, her own business…not to mention maybe meeting Mr. Right and having a family of her own. For almost a year, she’s been picturing Dean Hughes in that role and if he wasn’t such a darn recluse, maybe she’d have a chance.

Solitude and Dean Hughes have always gone hand-in-hand. It wasn’t by choice, but because of circumstances beyond his control. And once again, things are out of his control when he finds himself being named permanent guardian for his five year old niece just in time for the holidays. Dean had always imagined that he’d have a family of his own someday, just not quite like this. With the support of his hometown friends, he knows he’s going to be okay. But it’s Abby’s help with his niece that’s making the biggest difference.

This isn’t the Christmas either of them has planned, but maybe it’s the chance for the most perfect one yet!

Linda's Thoughts:
"I kind of fantasized about watching you dance. Just for me."
Wow. That was totally unexpected too. “Like a striptease?” she asked, slightly confused.
He shook his head. “No. More like just what you do in class. But… just for me. And maybe…just wearing something sexy.”

CHRISTMAS ON POINTE by Samantha Chase is a sweet and heartfelt holiday novella that will leave you smiling and contented. It is written from a third person point-of-view over a period of approximately two months and is set in the small unspoiled town of Silver Bell Falls, a wonderful, supportive community. It is the story of ballet teacher Abby Foster and the town’s recluse, Dean Hayes.

Abby is a trained ballet dancer who lovingly shares her talent with the kids of Silver Bell Falls in the town’s community center while dreaming of owning her own dance studio with the wherewithal to offer an assortment of classes for all ages some day. In the meantime, she waitresses at a local diner and fantasizes about a life with Dean. She has been crushing on Dean for about a year.

Dean has spent his life proving that he is as different from his wild sister as could be. When Dean returns to town after dealing with his sister’s death accompanied by Maya, his newly orphaned five-year-old niece, in tow, he stops by the café before heading home. He’s understandably overwhelmed with his new circumstances which transitioned from being a loner to a small child’s caretaker overnight and he’s clueless as to how he’s going to juggle everything he now has on his plate… until Abby steps in.

Dean has always noticed Abby at the diner. If truth be told, he looked forward daily to seeing her smile and exchanging a few words with her. Abby is known for her very generous nature and others have taken advantage of that facet of her personality in the past. As soon as Abby becomes aware of Dean’s plight, she volunteers to help with Maya’s after-school care while he gets his footings. It just so happens that Maya has always dreamed of being a dancer. AND who better than Abby to make Maya’s fantasy come true?

Together, Dean, Abby and Maya begin to see possibilities beyond their current makeshift situation. But, change isn’t always easy. Can the threesome find their way to a new bright future where everyone’s dreams can come true?

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from CHRISTMAS ON POINTE:

“Dean? Are you okay?”
“Huh? What?”
“Are you okay?” she repeated, taking a step closer to him. “You sort of zoned out there for a moment and had a strange look on your face.”
Before he could second-guess himself or chicken out, he took a step closer – closing the gap between them. “I’m fine,” he said gruffly. “But I need to do this.”
And then he lowered his head and claimed her lips with his.

Her body was so slim, so… everything. His hands began to twitch with the need to touch her. Wearing deep purple lace to cover her breasts, she looked so damn perfect.
Then she sighed his name.
And he was lost.

“I can’t think of a better way to start my day.”
“Get used to it,” he murmured, right before he kissed her.

I would recommend that you snuggle into your softest wrap in a comfy recliner, put some logs on the fire, and delve into CHRISTMAS ON POINTE for a guaranteed warm fuzzies’ ambiance. It truly would be perfect as one of those Hallmark Christmas movies as it’s such a feel-good story with extremely likable characters set in a genuinely idyllic spot with only a gentle dose of angst.

I’ve not yet read the first tale set in Silver Bell Falls, CHRISTMAS IN SILVER BELL FALLS, but I plan to rectify that omission soon! No worries, though. CHRISTMAS ON POINTE works beautifully as a stand-alone read. The story adds up as a wonderful escape and all you have to do is open the book. If I had one complaint, it was that I didn’t want this delightful tale with these lovely characters to end.

Suggested Reading Order:
Christmas in Silver Bell Falls
Christmas On Pointe

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