Friday, July 15, 2011

Bookish News (Mark of the Vampire & Immortal Rider)

Hey all, hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday-eve!
Just thought I'd make a quick post with some bookish news...

Mates; True and EternalAuthor Laura Wright of the Mark of the Vampire series (Eternal Hunger & Eternal Kiss) just released a free read today on her website! *happy dance* The novella, Mates; True & Eternal, is a short story of "Alexander Roman and his true mate, Sara Donohue. A snippet of life after their happily ever after.. "
You can go *here* to check it out!

And last but not least, *squee* Larissa Ione released on her blog today an excerpt from her second Lords of Deliverance novel, Immortal Rider!

Reaver smiled down at the pile of dead demons in the dirt at his feet. Of all his duties, his favorite was killing demons. As a battle angel of the Power order of angels, it was what he’d been bred for, and he was good at it. Sure, back when he’d been stripped of his wings and cast out of Heaven, he’d worked as a doctor at Underworld General Hospital, where he’d healed demons. But he’d been selective about who he saved, because the truth was that not all demons were evil, just as not all humans were good...

To read more visit Larissa's blog *here*

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