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Read an #Excerpt from Rock Hard: Chord Brothers by M.J. Roberts + #Giveaway

46133534. sy475 Rock Hard: Chord Brothers, Book 3
by M.J. Roberts 
Kindle Edition, 367 pages
Published February 22nd 2019 by Eminent Press
Cole’s world shattered seventeen years ago. Now he’s got one chance to get his life back on track. Hoping that going back to music will ease his tortured soul, Cole starts his own band. There’s only one problem— he can’t find a drummer.

T.J. Casarez is stuck working in her family’s restaurant until her cousin calls her to audition. Cole’s not expecting a female drummer. Yet from the first beat they sizzle. But there’s no way she’s getting involved with a privileged pretty boy. She’s been burned before, and dating a band member is a recipe for disaster.

Only... it’s not just their onstage chemistry that’s on fire.


I’m lying on my bed watching The Blue and The Kill, which, like everyone else on the planet, I’ve seen about twenty times. T. J. is taking an epically long shower. I know girls take long showers, but this is ridiculous. Maybe she uses showers to chill out the way she uses make-up to hide behind?
When she comes out, she’s wearing a see-through black bra with red lace trim and boy short panties to match.
“Holy shit,” I breathe. Then I stop breathing. When I breathe again, it’s so ragged it’s like claws scratch my throat.
“No,” I say.
She smiles. It’s evil, powerful, pure.
“Oooo, ooo, wicked woman,” I sing.
“I’m completely in control of you,” she half-sings back. It’s more like she growl-rasp half-chants it. I recognize Dirt Cherry’s I Got You By The Balls.
“You are…” I try to think of something that will work. “A…bad, bad, girl.” I finish, singing the old Fiona Apple tune.
She bursts out laughing.
“Luscious, you’re trying to kill me. Go change.”
“I’m only a man. Go change into some ugly, head-to-toe cover up flannel pajamas.”
“No.” She saunters closer.
“Please, baby.”
She stops, turns around, and bends over.
Holy fuuuuuck.
“Don’t,” I growl. “You don’t play fair. I’m serious now, Teej. Go change.”
She laughs and takes a flying leap, jumping over me and landing on the bed by my side.
“Woman, you cannot lie next to me wearing that outfit.”
“Too bad.”
I tickle her. She shrieks.
“Stop! Stop. Cole, stop that! Uncle!” T. J. yells.
I stop. “God, you’re beautiful,” I whisper. I cup her face gently and kiss her.
Her eyes dilate, go from molten chocolate to almost black.
“I’ve never had anyone stand up for me before.” He voice is choked, a soft rasp.
“I’ll always stand up for you. Every word I said, I meant it.”
Her hair is already wild, as if she’d thrashed against a pillow. I tuck a lock behind her ear.
She straddles me.
“T. No.”
She rocks once, and I groan.
“Oh, I think yes,” she says, and then gives a movie villain worthy grin. I’m the hero caught over boiling oil. T. J. rocks her hips against me, and I harden. “Absolutely yes.”
I grab her hips to still her.
“I can’t.”
“You obviously can.”
“I can’t. Not unless you agree to date me.”
“We’re not going to date, Cole. The first rule of band-dom is you don’t date anyone in the band. The guy dumps the girl, kicks her out, and bye-bye band. Not happening.”
“Not always.”
“Ninety-nine percent of the time. That’s why it’s a rule.”
She kisses my neck. She reaches between us and strokes me through my pants. I grab her wrist and pull her away.
“Just this once,” she says. “I want to say thank you.”
“So, say it with words, not like this.”
“But I want to say it like this.”

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About the Author:
M.J.   Roberts
M. J. Roberts is a writer, editor, song-writer, audiobook narrator, and professor of creative writing.

With more than two million copies of her stories in circulation worldwide, Roberts is well loved for creating characters who feel as real as your most cherished friends. Roberts has written thirteen novels, six novellas, two erotica anthologies, a movie screenplay, thirty-five short stories, and a collection of poems.

M. J. Roberts works to diligently to create believable, lovable characters, witty dialogue, prose ripe with metaphor, exciting plot twists, fast-paced action that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and romance scenes that sizzle.

Roberts is a multiple award-winning author including first place in the prestigious Summer Lovin’ Romance Literary Contest 2015 for the novel Risk Your Heart and Literary Titans award for Rock Hard: Chord Brothers, Book 1.

Roberts also writes under the pen name Natasha Action. Roberts is originally from New York but lives in the southern United States for the purpose of endless comic material. A modestly humble egomaniac with a penchant for superheroes, she’s married to an awesome professional musician (a.k.a. The Rock and Roll God). She is too busy tormenting imaginary characters, watching them fall in love, and counting her blessing to pursue her longtime goal of Rock n’ Roll glory herself. A self-proclaimed nap expert, in her dreams she’s a rock star.


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  1. I think the book sounds really good and I love the cover.

  2. Damn ! I need to know ... Do they date or are they friends with benefits?


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