Monday, December 12, 2022

#Spotlight on A Warrior for Christmas by Donna Grant

New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant returns to her beloved Dark Warriors series with sixteen all-new short stories featuring the cherished characters you’ve been missing.

About the Book 

A Warrior for Christmas
 (Dark Warriors #10) 
by Donna Grant 
Published December 6th 2022 by DL Grant, LLC. 
Defenders against evil. Bound by the gods. The Dark Warriors fought their battle from ancient Scotland to the modern world—where love set them free... 

Now, with the past evil behind them and things quieter than they remember in ages, they can celebrate the holidays—and each other—with tradition, love, and fun. 

Just days away from the winter solstice, Christmas, and Boxing Day, the Warriors and Druids of MacLeod castle come together once more to give thanks for the family they’ve made and the hardships they’ve overcome. But returning brings back so many memories, and each couple in residence finds themselves lost in reminiscences—and one another. 

Tonight is about each other. Tomorrow, they will honor the ties they have forged and the life they have built as a group, putting the past behind them and looking to the future. No matter what it holds. 


They’ve had over four hundred Yules together, but still she thinks . . . “I have all I need with you.” 
You gave me my life back. Before you, I merely existed. 
We lost our clan—our blooded family. But in turn, we found another. No’ just Warriors, but Druids of incredible strength and power. 
“Thank you.” 
“For what?” 
He caressed her face. 
“For knowing when I need a break. For giving me reasons to smile and laugh. And love.” 
Hayden was soaked in the blood of his enemies, and nothing ever washed that away. But love had conquered his anger and hate. 
“You’re the reason I’m the man I am,” he whispered. 
She cupped his face, her eyes soft and full of love. “You were already a good man, my love. But we make a great team. Individually, we are strong. Together, however, we’re formidable.” 
“Oh, sweetheart.” Her eyes glistened with unshed tears. “The thing is, everything is already perfect. Because you’re here with me. You’re all I need.” 
He brushed a tear from her cheek. “Everything I do is for you.” 
“I love you so much that it sometimes feels as if my heart is about to burst,” she said as more tears fell. 
“I love you.” 
“I love you more.” 
“I love you most.” 
She turned her head and met his gaze. “Forever and always.” 

About the Author 

Donna is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over a hundred novels. Her most popular series is the breathtaking Dark King (aka Dragon King) series featuring dragons, immortal Highlanders, and the Fae. 

In addition to her novels, Donna has written short stories, novellas, and novelettes for digital-first and print release. She has been dubbed as giving the “paranormal genre a burst of fresh air” by the San Francisco Book Review. Her work has been hailed as having “deft plotting and expert characterization” by Publisher’s Weekly and “sizzling” by RT Book Reviews. 

She has been recognized with awards from both bookseller and reader contests including the National Reader’s Choice Award, Booksellers Best Award, as well as the coveted K.I.S.S. Award from RT Book Reviews. 

Donna travels often for various speaking engagements, conferences, and book signings. She is also a frequent workshop presenter at national conferences such as RT Book Lovers Convention and Thrillerfest, as well as local chapters. 

Born and raised in Texas, she also has ties across the border in Louisiana. Growing up with two such vibrant cultures, her Cajun side of the family taught her the “spicy” side of life while her Texas roots gave her two-steppin’ and bareback riding. She is never far from her faithful 80 pound dog, Sisko, or her three cats. She can often be found at the movies or bookstore with her children. Or buying makeup. And shoes. 

You an find her at as well as her website devoted entirely to the Dragon Kings and all series that encompass the Dark World at

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