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🍷🍷 #Review of Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert

Title: Court of the Vampire Queen
Author: Katee Robert 
Format: eBook and Paperback, 496 pages
Published: September 6th 2022 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1728264693
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N 
Source: Netgalley and Sourcebooks
Reviewer: Crystal
Rating: 🍷🍷
Three Powerfully Alluring Vampire Men
And One Queen to Rule Them All

All Mina ever wanted was to escape her father's control. Half human, half vampire, she lived eternally torn between two worlds, never fully experiencing the pleasures of either—until her father chose her as the pawn in his latest political move, gifting her to the darkly powerful and dangerously seductive Malachi Zion.

Malachi is not a vampire to be trifled with. He rules with an iron fist and has a reputation for the darkest of sins. But the longer Mina spends with him, the more she realizes he's not the monster she first thought—and as fear bleeds into lust, then trust, then something more, Malachi opens Mina up to a world she never knew could be hers for the taking: including the love of Malachi's two closest friends and companions.

Now surrounded by all three men, the center of their shockingly seductive world, Mina may finally have the power to face down her father and take back the life—and crown—that by all rights should be hers.


Crystal's Thoughts;

“You might have the bond, little dhampir, but we do, too. You're ours just as much as we're yours.”

Half human and half vampire Mina has never shown any signs of power, much to her father's chagrin. Kept out of sight and misused by her fellow vampires and dhampirs alike, Mina dreams of the day that she can escape her father's hateful clutches and be free. Those dreams come crashing down though when she is sent to another vampire lord's home to be used as a political pawn and blood sacrifice. Or is it a blessing in disguise? Because Malachi Zion is not at all what Mina expected or what his reputation infers. And with his help, and the help of his two best friends, Mina has the chance to not only take down her father but take his crown as well. If she's brave enough... With three powerful vampires at her back though and powers that she never dreamed of holding she just may stand a chance...if she can survive the seductive appetites of her men, that is. 

I've read a lot of books from Katee Robert and I don't believe that I have ever rated a single one under four stars...until now. This book, I honestly don't know how it got through editing from Sourcebooks as-is. First; I'm not a hard-core social media person so please correct me if I am wrong, but this book read as if it was originally a three-part serial. The book was broken up into three different acts, and at the beginning of each act story-line from the last was reiterated. As if there was time between for the reader and they needed a refresher. But you didn't, because you literally just read that minutes ago! Second; there were quite a number of inconsistencies, contradictions, and redundancies. Especially towards the end of the book. A new power that wasn't previously mentioned, or that was mentioned as something different. An action that was stated and later forgotten... Lastly, this book is read for one reason and one reason only... and it is not for the stellar plot-line. Oh boy... lol 

Now Katee Robert knows how to write a burning hot romance, no question about that. However, while this book was H. O. T. - HAWT *insert fire emoji* there was very little romance. Which was a bummer for me because I was kind of digging Malachi and I would have liked to know more of his back story, inner workings, and had more one on one time between him and Mina. There was not a whole lot of character development or backstory, period. With more fleshing out and better editing this story could have been so much better! The plot was fast-paced and there weren't many lulls, what with all of the sex, danger, and blood. I was never quite sure what to think about Wolf and Rylan though, and never really felt a connection to the main character Mina either. BUT I did keep reading and it was slightly entertaining, despite finding myself rolling my eyes on many occasions, and there is no question that this book will make you all kinds of hot and squirmy. In the end though, it missed it's mark for me. 

“I suppose it's not a bad thing to have an abundance of love.”

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