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#Interview with Tear Down the Throne author Jennifer Estep - out now!

Lexi: When you're in the mood for a crafty, sword-wielding heroine, you know which author you pick up: Jennifer Estep! And she's got a new release, TEAR DOWN THE THRONE!! *takes a sip of wine*

Now that your excited screaming is done, let's chat with the author—welcome to the blog, Jennifer! 

JE: Hello! Thanks so much for featuring me on your site. I appreciate it!

Lexi: We’re very excited to have you here to talk about book two in your Gargoyle Queen series—Tear Down the Throne! And of course, that means we get to talk about the crown princess, Gemma. We met this pampered princess in book one, but quickly learned she utilized her spoiled faΓ§ade to spy. And in this book she’s got to deal with all of the ruling families, and their bickering, at once. How does Gemma keep from going insane?

JE: Gemma is a crown princess, so she has been embroiled in court and royal politics her entire life. But even with that background, it’s not easy for her to stay calm and focused when her kingdom, people, and gargoyles are being threatened. Basically, Gemma is determined to spy on her enemies and do whatever it takes to stop a dangerous plot against her kingdom. 

Lexi: This series is an excellent example of enemies to lovers. Gemma doesn’t want to be attracted to her enemy prince, Leonidas, but circumstances once again throw them into working together. Not a bad dinner companion, if you ask us! Leo is incredibly complex, shares some background similarities as Gemma, and is hell bent on breaking down the wall around her heart! ~swoon~ Do you have a favorite Leo scene you can share? 

JE: Thanks so much! Enemies to lovers is one of my favorite storylines, and I was so excited to dive into Gemma and Leo’s relationship in Tear Down the Throne

I love all the scenes were Gemma and Leo are snarking and bantering back and forth, but one of my favorite scenes in Tear Down the Throne is when Leo gives Gemma an unexpected, but thoughtful gift that speaks to her heart and proves how well he really knows her. 

Lexi: Aside from Leo, there’s also the gargoyles to get excited over! They’re good at relieving tension and bringing the aww factor, but there’s also Leo’s feathered friend! Which magical animal would you pick as your writing buddy?

JE: I would have to pick Grimley, Gemma’s beloved gargoyle. He would definitely encourage me to take some much-needed breaks from writing to get snacks and enjoy a nap … or two or three. LOL. 

Lexi: We’re hoping you have all the writing buddies you want because we’re ready for book three!! What is the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to in writing Conquer the Kingdom

JE: I turned in Conquer the Kingdom earlier this year, so the book is slowly winding its way through the production process. Conquer the Kingdom is the third and final book my Gargoyle Queen trilogy, and I really loved writing the action/fight scenes and tying all the plots and character arcs together at the end of the book. 

Lexi: Cheers to Tear Down the Throne’s release and a second cheers for Conquer the Kingdom’s anticipation! Thank you so much for stopping by today, Jennifer! And thank you for writing such a wonderful world we can escape into!

JE: Thank you so much for all the nice words about my books. I appreciate them. Happy reading, everyone! 

About the Book 

Tear Down the Throne
(Gargoyle Queen #2)
by Jennifer Estep
Paperback, 464 pages
Published May 3rd 2022 by Harper Voyager
Bestselling author Jennifer Estep continues her Gargoyle Queen epic fantasy series where magic reigns, alliances are tested, and a dangerous attraction could tear down a throne. . .

Crown princess. Clever spy. Powerful mind magier. Gemma Ripley of Andvari is all those things--and determined to stop an enemy from using magical tearstone weapons to conquer her kingdom.

Gemma's quest for answers leads her to a trade Summit between the various kingdoms. Among the other royals in attendance is Queen Maeven Morricone of Morta and her son, Prince Leonidas--Gemma's charming and dangerous nemesis.

Gemma knows that Maeven always has a long game in motion, and sure enough, the cunning queen invokes an arcane tradition that threatens the fragile truce between Andvari and the other kingdoms. Despite her best intentions, Gemma once again finds herself thrown together with Leo and battling her growing feelings for the enemy prince.

When a series of deadly attacks shatters the Summit's peaceful negotiations, Gemma realizes that someone wants to tear the royals down from their thrones--and that this enemy just might succeed. 

A Gargoyle Queen Series

About the Author

Jennifer Estep is a New York Times, USA Today, and internationally bestselling author prowling the streets of her imagination in search of her next fantasy idea. 

Jennifer is also the author of the Crown of Shards, Gargoyle Queen, Elemental Assassin, Section 47, and other fantasy series. She has written more than 40 books, along with numerous novellas and stories.
In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys hanging out with friends and family, doing yoga, and reading fantasy and romance books. She also watches way too much TV and loves all things related to superheroes.

For more information on Jennifer and her books, visit www.jenniferestep.com or follow Jennifer on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon, BookBub, and Twitter. You can also sign up for her newsletter.

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