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Read an #Excerpt from Savaged Illusions, The Complete Series by Jennifer Lyon + #Giveaway

About the Book

Savaged Illusions, The Complete Series
by Jennifer Lyon 
Published February 22nd 2021 by Jennifer Lyon Books
Savagely sexy rock star romance trilogy all together in one set!


Ambitious and sexy lead singer Justice Cade has one goal—to take his band, Savaged Illusions, to international rock star fame. But when the fiery college-intern Liza Glasner captures his heart, he soon learns she has a dark secret that compels her to avoid the limelight. The revelation of Liza’s true identity forces Justice to choose between the woman he loves and the stardom he craves. The wrong choice could be deadly.


Dating a rock star nearly got Liza killed. Now that the world knows her true identity, danger stalks her relentlessly. But she loves Justice too much to leave him. A surprise pregnancy leads to a secret marriage and festering doubts. Justice struggles to balance the wife he loves, impending fatherhood, and the battle to take his band to stardom. As he reaches the very pinnacle of success, secrets and betrayals explode in a heartbreaking twist that threatens to rip Justice and Liza apart forever.


Losing Liza taught Justice that love is more important than fame. He risks everything to win her back, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe. Justice’s fierce devotion helps Liza recover from a devastating loss and grow strong enough to stop hiding in the shadows. Together, Justice and Liza burst onto the world stage to face down the man who tormented her for a decade. Will their love triumph or will Liza’s old enemy tear them apart in the most permanent way possible—death?


“What movie did you pick?”
He’d been so nice to her, she should tell him the truth. Yet when she opened her mouth, she couldn’t help answering with, “The Notebook.”
She heard the thunk of a bowl hitting the counter. Liza focused on rinsing the first pan and tried not to laugh. She’d had a hunch he’d object. It really wasn’t a guy movie.
“You better be joking.” The microwave opened and closed, and a few seconds later the scent of popcorn and cheese flooded the room.
“What? It’s awesome. Have you seen it? I love that movie.” She scrubbed the skillet, keeping her head low and hair covering her face.
“I’m calling bullshit.” His low voice sounded behind her, so close the cadence shivered inside her chest. His warmth spread out along her back. Her skin came alive, prickling with awareness. Her belly fluttered with a sweet sensation, a combination of fun and desire.
“Okay, fine, I was kidding. I picked Twilight.” She turned her head, doing her best to look innocent. “It’s my most favorite movie ever. I love men who sparkle.”
“Such a little liar.”
“Am not. Men who sparkle are hot.”
A low laugh spilled out. “Now I know you’re lying.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Oh I know. You like me, and I don’t sparkle. You like your men raw, honest, maybe a little rough. But sparkle? Not even that pussy Dillion sparkled.” Justice ran his hands down her arms, skating over her bare skin to the insides of her elbows.
Pleasure rushed through her, and her breath caught. She clutched the edges of the pan. Dillion never made her feel playful desire. Because you never dated men you really liked, but ones you thought you could control. Lifting her chin, she met Justice’s gaze.
“You’re tempting me,” Justice said. “Too damned much.”
That growl thrilled her and scared her a little. “Justice…”
Before she could form the thought, he caught her shoulders and turned her.
Warm soapy water flew from her hands. “You’re getting water everywhere.”
He framed her face with his palms. “Don’t care. Now tell me. Want me to back off?”

About Jennifer Lyon

Jennifer Lyon is the pseudonym for USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Apodaca. Jen has published more than twenty books and novellas, won numerous awards and had her books translated into multiple languages. 

Jen lives in Southern California with her husband. Together, they raised three amazing sons, welcomed three lovely daughters-in-law and an adorable grandson. Jen loves reading, vacations at the beach or wine tasting, and making friends with any dog she sees. But her passion is writing about characters who must surmount impossible odds and make tough choices to prove themselves worthy of love. In the evening, her husband lures her away from the computer with a glass of wine and the company of the man who is her happily ever after.

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