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Happy #BookBirthday to Battle Born For You by Layla Lochran + #Giveaway!

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Battle Born For You: Alexander
(Tell All Secrets, #2)
by Layla Lochran

August 7, 2020

Painting Her Fate Liliana's story continues with this action packed military romance as we dig deeper into Alexander's secrets consuming his days.
A: I made a proud oath to my country, vowing to fight until the battle is won, but my nightmares will not stay buried now that she is gone. Will she run back home to London, out of my life forever? Can I convince her it was my way of protecting her? My reality crashes down around me as I allow darkness to creep in. I can't take this feeling any longer; I need her to save me from myself. Please Lily.

L: He betrayed my trust and now my skeletons are out of the closet for all to see. If any of my secrets were to end up in the wrong hands, who knows what would happen. Can I ever forgive him? Now I am vulnerable, scared, needing someone to cling to. Can I trust Zander and his mates with their word of protection? If I have learned anything, it's never to question a Marine's promise.


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“Jesus, boss.” Ford exclaims once he makes his way into the room then takes in the scene. He places a hand at my elbow to help me up, his Southern drawl more pronounced now, “Alright, up ya go darlin’.” His gaze moves from the heap on the floor to my face and I catch his features darkening.

 He didn’t say anything about it, just asked where I wanted him. I thought about it for a second and decided that my bed would be closest to the toilet if he needed it. He agreed. In one swift motion he slings Zander’s dead weight over his shoulder with a mild grunt and makes his way to my bedroom. Once inside he tossed the inebriated Zander on the bed as I switched on the overhead light.

Ford quickly turns in my direction. Standing in front of me he holds his hand up to stop me from moving away. Bringing one large hand out to cup my chin, he turned my cheek to get a better look at my lip, then let out a growl of fury. “What the hell happened?”

I swallowed hard, “nothing, I swear it was an accident.”

I can smell the cigarette smoke on his clothing and in his breath. It’s the same revolting smell I have never been able to forget. It makes my stomach churn and my pulse to quicken. My throat tightens.
Ford isn’t here to hurt you. Now is not the time to shut down, get your shit together.

His other hand tightens into a fist at his side. His tone extends in the anger he felt when first seeing his Corporal laid out on my floor, “Lily, don’t protect him, not from me. He is going to be madder than a wet hen when he sees this. Again, tell me what the hell happened?”

I look him in his eyes then push his hand away. Stepping back, I take in a needed breath as I will my pulse to slow, “He was falling out of my grasp, his head connected with my chin. It was an accident.” My fingers go instinctively to my lip that is undoubtedly swelling by now.
I try to switch the subject around, my brow drawing together as a huff escapes me, “What is wrong with him? He has barely talked to me at all this week. I thought I did something.”

Ford sighs. He crosses his arms then shifts on his feet.

If I didn’t know him as well as I do now, I’d be frightened just by his demeanor; he radiates anguish now that he let his barriers slip, “Damn bastard.” He growls and begins rubbing at his forehead, “I thought I was the only one he was pushing off. I didn’t think in a million years he would do that to you. I’m sorry.”

He let out a mumble of Spanish slang that I didn’t understand, but I caught the gist of it. He runs a hand through his short dark coffee colored hair then scratches at his thickly scruffed jawline as he contemplates what all he can say.

The worry is etched in his features now and it seems like he aged ten years in a matter of minutes.

“It’s been three years since Afghanistan.” He paused as his nostrils flared, “since-.” His words fall short as a pregnant pause ensues between us. I touch his forearm and glance up at him reassuringly.

Then it hit me.

“Oh.” I replied somewhat weakly, understanding the premise but not the full details. “Oh God, I’m so sorry Ford.”

He tries giving me a smile that ended up more as a grimace, “We were going to go out together, but he insisted he wanted to be alone.” He said, waving a hand to Zander on the bed. “Not a good idea, obviously.”

My Thoughts exactly.

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Layla Lochran grew up in a tiny ski town in Western New York, always with a variety of books in her hand. Contemporary, Historical, and Paranormal romances struck her fancy, expanding her imagination and dreams in someday becoming an author herself. Rock concerts, photography, and brightly colored hair are just a few of her hobbies, as well as having fun with special FX makeup, props, and costumes with her son and community. Other than reading, she enjoys nature, many different wines and local vineyards, spending time with her family, and helping others to find their creative edge. Someday she will travel the world to see all it has to offer her. Life is short; live every day to the fullest, love exponentially, stay positive, and give it your all.

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