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#Interview with Julia Quinn of First Comes Scandal

Stress is all around us…and one of the best ways to fight that stress is to curl up with a book that will make you laugh, smile, and fill you with comfort. So today we’re incredibly excited to talk about a historical romance that fulfills all three: FIRST COMES SCANDAL! And to join in our conversation, please help me welcome Julia Quinn!

Lexi: It’s almost as if you had a glimpse in the crystal ball and knew we’d need a dose of cute and sweet…except you’ve already given us the Bridgertons, so cute and sweet were already your thing! Do you have a favorite scene that made you giggle as you were writing it? That is…if scenes like cats in carriages aren’t too spoilery!

JQ: I definitely had fun with the carriage scenes, but I think I giggled the most while writing the scene down by the lake with Anthony and Benedict Bridgerton. It was just so darn fun to think about those two as young boys.

Lexi: We all need a laugh. But another comfort is the familiar and the Bridgertons, in this book we get to see the beginning of Violet’s family and even Georgiana babysitting two of the boys, are a huge comfort…like returning home. And returning home is what the hero of FIRST COMES SCANDAL, Nicholas, does. Nicholas has been studying to be a doctor, so is it a difficult decision for him to stop and go home?

JQ: The decision itself wouldn't have been difficult. Nicholas's family is very important to him, and he would never have disobeyed a direct summons from his father. But carrying out that decision was tough. His studies are also very important to him. They're a huge part of how he defines himself, how he sets himself apart from his older brothers. Not to mention that studying medicine is hard. You really don't want to fall behind.

Lexi: Humanity is at its best when others are in need, and being willing to change your life to save a friend is one of the best forms of compassion. Of course, it’s a lot more difficult to show compassion when you’re turned down. Can you share a favorite line from the failed proposal scene?

JQ: It's more of a passage. I love how Georgiana thinks so fiercely about the unfairness of it all. She's not someone who ever thought she'd been breaking boundaries or pushing envelopes, but you can see how she's starting to realize just how unfair her society can be toward women.

It was the pity. That was what she could not bear.
She had not done anything wrong. 
She should not be pitied. She should be admired. A man had kidnapped her. Kidnapped her! And she’d got away.
Why wasn’t that something to celebrate?
There should be parties in her honor. A gala parade. Look at the brave and intrepid Georgiana Bridgerton! She fought for her freedom and won!
When men did that entire countries were created.

We’re smiling just thinking of Georgiana and Nicholas! And our smile just got bigger remembering the fall premier of BRIDGERTON on Netflix!! We’ll be eagerly waiting your next book and the Netflix series! A huge congrats on the release of FIRST COMES SCANDAL, cheers!

42874513First Comes Scandal
(Rokesbys #4)
by Julia Quinn
Hardcover, 288 pages
Expected publication: April 21st 2020 by Avon
She was given two choices...

Georgiana Bridgerton isn't against the idea of marriage. She'd just thought she'd have some say in the matter. But with her reputation hanging by a thread after she's abducted for her dowry, Georgie is given two options: live out her life as a spinster or marry the rogue who has ruined her life.

Enter Option #3

As the fourth son of an earl, Nicholas Rokesby is prepared to chart his own course. He has a life in Edinburgh, where he's close to completing his medical studies, and he has no time—or interest—to find a wife. But when he discovers that Georgie Bridgerton—his literal girl-next-door—is facing ruin, he knows what he must do.

A Marriage of Convenience

It might not have been the most romantic of proposals, but Nicholas never thought she'd say no. Georgie doesn't want to be anyone's sacrifice, and besides, they could never think of each other as anything more than childhood friends... or could they?

But as they embark upon their unorthodox courtship, they discover a new twist to the age-old rhyme. First comes scandal, then comes marriage. But after that comes love...

Rokesbys Series

About the Author:
Julia Quinn
#1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn loves to dispel the myth that smart women don't read (or write) romance, and and if you watch reruns of the game show The Weakest Link you might just catch her winning the $79,000 jackpot. She displayed a decided lack of knowledge about baseball, country music, and plush toys, but she is proud to say that she aced all things British and literary, answered all of her history and geography questions correctly, and knew that there was a Da Vinci long before there was a code.

A graduate of Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges, Ms. Quinn is one of only sixteen members of Romance Writers of America’s Hall of Fame. Her books have been translated into 32 languages, and she lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest.

The Bridgertons, her popular series of historical romance, is currently in production by Shondaland as a Netflix original series starring Julie Andrews, Phoebe Dynevor, and Rége-Jean Page.

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