Monday, November 14, 2022

Read an #Excerpt from A Cosmic Kind of Love by Samantha Young

New York Times bestselling author Samantha Young is back with another addicting romance that will have readers swooning from the very first line! 

About the Book

A Cosmic Kind of Love
by Samantha Young

Paperback, 416 pages
Published October 18th 2022 by Berkley
Space is the last thing an event planner and an astronaut need in this charming new romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Samantha Young.

When event planner Hallie Goodman receives party-inspiration material from the bride of her latest wedding project, the last thing she expects to find in the files are digital videos from Darcy’s ex-boyfriend. Hallie knows it’s wrong to keep watching these personal videos, but this guy is cute, funny, and an astronaut on the International Space Station to boot. She’s only human. And it’s not long until she starts sending e-mails and video diaries to his discontinued NASA address. Since they’re bouncing back, there’s no way anyone will ever be able to see them...right?

Christopher Ortiz is readjusting to life on earth and being constantly in the shadow of his deceased older brother. When a friend from NASA’s IT department forwards him the e-mails and video messages Hallie has sent, he can’t help but notice how much her sense of humor and pink hair make his heart race.

Separated by screens, Hallie and Chris are falling in love with each other, one transmission at a time. But can they make their star-crossed romance work when they each learn the other’s baggage? 


My gaze drifted over the table, looking for a menu. Finding none, I searched the tables behind us only to freeze at the sight of pink hair and a familiar profile.
Sitting in the middle of the room at a small table, leaning toward a guy I was secure enough to admit was handsome and laughing flirtatiously, was Hallie.
My Hallie.
On a date.
Suddenly my chest tightened with something like panic.
“I think that’s Hallie Goodman,” Darcy said beside me. “You remember her from my engagement party? She’s planning my wedding— Chris?”
I was already out of my seat, moving around the tables, my feet taking me to her with a mind of their own. The pulse in my neck throbbed, and the heat that flushed through me shocked me. The heat that told me I was angry.
Listening to the voice in the back of my head that reminded me I had no right to be indignant because Hallie and I were just friends, I reined in the emotion and shoved it back down just in time.
Hallie and her date looked up as I stopped at their table.
My gaze locked on the face that had grown more familiar to me than any other. Her eyes rounded with surprise. “Chris.”
Just like that, my irrational anger completely deflated.
My panic did not.
This woman was made for me.
I knew that deep in my bones.
And I’d been so wrapped up in my own problems, I’d taken too long to express that to her.
“Hey,” I forced out.
“What are you doing here?” It might have been my imagination, but Hallie’s gaze kept flickering between me and her date like she was guilty of some wrongdoing.
“I’m here with Darcy.” I thumbed over my shoulder.
Hallie’s gaze darted toward the back of the bar. “Oh.”
“As friends.” I felt the need to add pointedly.
Was that relief in her eyes?
“Um, Chris, this is Derek.” Hallie gestured to the guy across from her.
I gave him a tight smile and held out my hand. After all, it wasn’t his fault I’d screwed up, taking my damn time. “Nice to meet you.”
Derek grinned at me like he knew a secret. He was a good-looking son of a bitch. “Hey, man, nice to meet you.”
I released his hand, feeling a little desperate to make a claim on Hallie, to alert this guy to the fact that he had competition. Leaning down, I pressed a soft kiss to Hallie’s cheek, my lips lingering a half second too long as I inhaled her perfume, a scent that would forever be synonymous with her. 
“See you Sunday,” I murmured in her ear before standing up.
I cut her date a quick look.
He smirked at me as if to say, Oh, I hear ya loud and clear.
Turning on my heel, I strode away, replaying what I’d just done in my head. It was infantile and so unfuckinglike me to act out of jealousy. To be jealous! I was not a jealous guy. What the hell was I doing?
My hands shook a little as I returned to Darcy, who gaped at me like she’d never seen me before.
“You know my wedding planner?”

About the Author

Samantha Young is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the On Dublin Street series, including Moonlight on Nightingale Way, Echoes of Scotland Street, and Fall from India Place, and the Hart's Boardwalk series, including Every Little Thing and The One Real Thing, as well as the standalone novels Fight or Flight and Much Ado About You. Find out more at

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