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Read an #Excerpt from Decode My Desires Harris & Kat Part II by Charmaine Louise Shelton


About the Book

Decode My Desires Harris & Kat Part II
STEELE International, Inc.: Jackson Corporation A Billionaires Romance Series Crossover #5
by Charmaine Louise Shelton

Published February 8th 2022 by CharmaineLouise New York, Inc.
Welcome to the titillating world of the multibillion-dollar global companies and the love affairs of the families that control them.

Who’s the sucker now? Me, that’s who. The One really took me—not to mention my family—for a ride. I never should have given up my playboy card. Well, it’s back in hand, and I have to make up for lost time.

What’s that saying about best laid plans? Yeah, tell me about it. Hopefully my new goal to figure out Harris and what I feel for him works out better...

Can Kat redeem herself, or has she lost the opportunity for The One?

Travel with this playful pair as Kat makes her moves on Harris from sky-high penthouses on Fifth Avenue and the Sunset Strip to a private villa beside a lush Hawaiian lagoon and more in their sizzling, second chance billionaire romance.

Their love story is a standalone romance trilogy in the series. Get a glimpse of their dynamism in other books.


“Here is a one-week guest pass to LEVELS New York. For you,” he says. 
I stare at the fancy envelope and nibble the corner of my lower lip. I can’t get enough air into my lungs and damn near pant. My fingers ache to grab the invitation and rip it open to find out more.
“What does that mean for me?” I whisper still engrossed by the offer on the table.
Harris doesn’t respond. I glance up at him.
“It means you and I have one week to fuck each other out of our systems.”
And boy is Harris a man of his word. After hours of fucking, my sore body, wrecked pussy, and blown mind—not to mention back—need time to recuperate. A groan escapes my lips swollen from his kisses and dick as I roll to my back at the sound of the shower.
I awoke as the sun’s rays peek through the curtains. The light falls on the chaise to remind me we’re in his play suite at LEVELS. He even blanked my memory…
Closing my eyes again, I mentally scan my body from head to toe. The delicious sensation of Harris’ giant dick plundering my pussy lingers as does his wicked tongue on my nipples. The faint red marks on my wrists and ankles make my pulse quicken. Being bound and helpless puts a blush on my face and my cream gush.
Reflexively, my knees squeeze together. I whimper as a tremor runs through my core. Fingers dance across my belly and lower. Only a thought and I’m keyed up for more.
Moisture eases the glide of my finger past puffy lips. The tip of my finger brushes my clit. I cry out and arc from the tangled sheets.
“Harris…” I croak.
My eyes fly open as I whip my head towards the sound of his voice. So engrossed in my fantasies, I didn’t notice the water stopped in the shower or his re-entry into the bedroom.
A towel slung low on his narrow hips can’t hide his ginormous dick. It grows right before my eyes. Like a puppet on a string, it lifts the white terrycloth inch by ten inches until it sticks straight out. And points towards me.
I lick my lips.
“What do you need from me, Siren?” He rumbles deep in his powerful chest.
Another groan slips from my mouth as a second finger joins the first to penetrate my slick pussy. Words prove impossible as my eyes squeeze shut in ecstasy. I yelp.
“Ah, ah, ah, naughty lass,” Harris says as he yanks my wrist leaving my pussy bereft. “Only I will give you pleasure this week.”
His reminder he only gave us a week should sting. But I’m too far gone to notice its harsh bite. Instead, I whimper and beg him to fuck me.
He swipes his fingertip along my seam to collect natural lube, then slips the digit inside of my needy core. Its thickness as it dips in and out of my channel makes me hiss. 
“You’re too sore for my finger. My cock will make it worse,” Harris says as he withdraws completely. 
He brings his finger to his full lips as his tongue darts out to lick it clean of my cream. Dove gray eyes darken to obsidian as lust takes over his vision. A satisfied masculine moan pours from his mouth.
“Breakfast time. First you, then me,” he says with a smirk as his towel falls from his hips and he lowers his head between my straining thighs.
I agree wholeheartedly.

STEELE International, Inc. - Jackson Corporation A Billionaires Romance Series Crossover 

About the Author

Charmaine Louise Shelton the Founder, CEO & Author of CharmaineLouise New York, Inc. loves all things classic, elegant, feminine, and of course with an erotic edge! Favorite outfit of choice is a cashmere cardigan, leather pencil skirt, and seamed silk stockings with stiletto heels. Sexy Fantasy Type: sub with a dash of Voyeur. When not writing and designing, Charmaine Louise travels and spends time with her Maltese buddies, ZIGGY and Jynger. She loves to hear from her readers info@charmainelouisebooks.com! Visit https://CharmaineLouise.com

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