Sunday, October 24, 2010

Night Huntress Virtual Bake-Off Contest

Frost Cemetery, Home of Frostie Fang Club Members started a virtual bake-off contest earlier this month. And me being a total Night Huntress freak had to join in the fun! 
Are you getting ready for Halloween? Making lots of goodies for your trick or treaters? Perhaps a lovely little blood snack is on your menu or maybe some ghoul goodies?
In the spirit of Halloween and all things Night Huntress, Frostfans is hosting a virtual “bake-off” contest. Entering is easy!
Get creative and make your favorite Night Huntress themed Halloween confection. Maybe you make a delightfully luscious “Cat’s Cherry Pie” or have been known to bake the ever popular “Lucifer’s Bouncing Balls”. Perhaps you can scare up some delicious “Denise’s Demon Brand Cookies”. Whatever your favorite Halloween treat, give it a Night Huntress spin and enter our virtual bake off!
So I finally submitted my entry this evening, here it is:
Submission # 14 

Submission Title: Tate's Fate 

Submission Image: Image

So I had a few ideas for this and couldn't decide on one, add my limited baking skills into it and you get a last minute entry. :oops: I can do the basics but nothing fancy. This is actually my first try at writing anything on a cake, man what a pain in the butt. 
Anyhoo, Tate's Fate is inspired by a scene in Destined for an Early Grave, pg 193 where Vlad states, "Young man, one day I suspect you'll have a terrible accident," he said to Tate. "Keep provoking people, and it will be one day soon." I thought, "Too true!" when I read that. LoL 
So here is what happened when Tate provoked the wrong person. I made a regular white cake with Halloween confetti in it and shaped it into a tombstone, made some grey frosting and frosted it, added some grass to the bottom, cracks in the stone and wrote on it; "Here lies Tate, He provoked the wrong Vamp, and this was his Fate." I thought it was funny. :D And if you look in the background you will see some symbols that represent Bones, Cat & Vlad too! So who do you think finally had it with Tate? 
Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!
There were so many awesome entries I don't expect to win but it was fun to do. I had a few ideas, like a truck cake with a "love to do it in a truck" theme or tongue lollies from a scene in DFEG and a few others but thought Tate's Fate was funny. If you want to check out the other entries visit HERE

EDIT: Oh, you can vote for your favorite now! I'm #14 HERE =D

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