Friday, July 30, 2010

RWA 2010

SO in July they had the annual RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference in Orlando at Disney's Swan & Dolphin resort. Though we weren't able to attend the whole conference they had the "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing on the 28th and Brandi & I (Shiny forehead and all!) were SO excited to go to that. I spent WAY too much money on books but all those proceeds went to charity and this year they raised $55,000 for literacy. 
We got to meet a ton of AMAZING authors that I totally love and found a lot of new ones to check out. There were about 3,600 fans and 500 authors that participated. The signing started at 5:30 pm and we got there around 5:00 to a HUGE line but everyone was so excited the wait wasn't bad at all. Then you walk into the convention room and there are a ton of authors set up ready to meet you; sign books, take pics, chat, and all kinds of fabulousness. It was awesome! *Insert BIG grin here*
I was so nervous, and probably came off as a nerdy fan girl, to meet all these amazing people that create these incredible worlds but all of them were so cool and down to earth. Nora Roberts and Sherrilyn Kenyon had huge hour-long lines but the rest were little to no wait.

I met the legendary Kat Martin who I've been reading since I was a teen (Yes, I was one of those teens who had romances hidden all over her room) and have ALL of her books and she was so sweet. I purchased
 Rule's Bride a second time just so I could get her autograph in a book. But that's okay because it is well worth it!

You were able to bring one or two books of your own in so I brought with me Jeaniene Frost's Eternal Kiss of Darkness and Jocelyn Drake's Wait for Dusk because I could not wait to purchase them there and had to get them on their release date.

I probably blabbered like an idiot with Jeaniene but hey, that's okay. I met Jeaniene Frost!!! *squee!* Her Night Huntress Series is my all time fave if you haven't noticed!

I already had Juliana Stone's autographed book, His Darkest Hunger, & a His Darkest Embrace cover-flat, thanks to The Supernatural Underground (LOVE that place!) but I had to stop by and say "Hi!" and take a pic with her. She is so awesome!

Then I met
 Terri Garey who is totally cool and she autographed a bookmark for me since I already have some of her Nicki Styx series.

I met
 Joss Ware who is the author of the Envy Chronicles and also writes under Colleen Gleason and has this fabulous series called The Gardella Vampire Chronicles. (If you haven't read it check it out!) She signed a bookmark for me too since I already had her Envy & Gardella books. She was super cool as well and has fab taste in earrings! 

I got a little flustered and didn't take as many pictures as I meant to, then I had to  get the heck out of dodge so the hubby wouldn't strangle me after seeing my receipt. But I also got to meet Tera Lyn Childs and pick-up her Forgive My Fins book, which is an excellent YA read. And Kerrelyn Sparks who has the wonderful Love At Stake series. Pamela Palmer who writes the Feral Warriors Novels and got to pick up Rapture Untamed with super-hot Jag. Oh, we also met Maggie Shayne, and her daughter who was attending her first RWA convention. Maggue was really friendly & wonderful and weirdly reminded me of my mom. She is also the author of the Wings in the Night series and other great romantic suspense. Let's see, who else... Brandi picked up a book from Shiloh Walker, who I actually just read a few books from that were great, and she had cool pens!  Brandi also picked up some books from JT Elison and Alexandra Solkoff (who is our book of the month author for our book club). 

I think that's it. All in all it was an awesome event. My first ever signing and I wish they had more here to go to. If RWA is ever in your area or any of these fab authors I def. recommend attending one and meeting these wonderful ladies!

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